Soutenez notre spectacle LES CASSEURS DE PIERRES

Support our first creation! A historical comedy about Gustave Courbet in 1849 around a revolutionary painting!

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Soutenez notre spectacle LES CASSEURS DE PIERRES

Les Casseurs de Pierres is a fiction inspired by real facts about the beginnings of Gustave Courbet in Paris. This is the first creation of a young collective of actors.   There are six actors on stage, period costumes and an immersive setting that immerses you in the Notre-Dame district. 

Elea Dubois is the author and director of the project: it is the first of her association of theatrical productions "Vous Me Faîtes Penser À".  Initially inspired by Courbet’s Désespéré, the author researched the artist based on historical correspondence and facts and discovered the existence of a painting that is now destroyed: Les Casseurs de Pierres. This picturesque scene shocked the Parisian public in 1850, accustomed until then by subjects of noble and idealistic painting,far from the reality of the time when the working class was set aside. Of Comtoise origin, the painter then aged 30 and unknown to the public meets Charles Baudelaire who will support him in this class struggle. To show the truth to the people, he will have to exhibit his painting at the Louvre.

Les Casseurs de Pierres was the symbol of a revolution in 1850, still today social barriers persist in France. The condition of artists remains unstable and needs recognition, the feeling of being heard and understood in the eyes of the State. Gustave Courbet was a marginal proud of his provincial origins who always worked for the Art and the cause of the less fortunate. Both in 1850 and 2021, artists claim the essential character of their cause: to denounce,to make people think, to participate in the progress of society. 

Today, this story is highlighted in a one-hour show. With the support of a talented costume designer, we find Gustave Courbet, Charles Baudelaire but also Théophile Gautier dressed as in the 19th century. The public will also meet a little-known but no less essential figure in the painter’s image: his sister, Juliette Courbet, who ensured the preservation of his works that are now admired all over the world. 

We have the chance to play our play for the first time on Friday, June 25, 2021 on the stage of the Ferme Corsange in Bailly-Romainvilliers (77) at 8:30 pm. Aware that we will be among the first to return to the stage since the pandemic, we are proud and fulfilled of this honour and hope to find our audience that has missed us so much for this occasion. We are seeking partnerships to support our project.

Thanks to your generosity, your love for art, artists and culture, your interest in the artist and the message of the play, this project is possible. With this crowdfunding, we will be able to:

to advance our cause, 
to perpetuate the image of those personalities who have shaped our lives,
to discover a part of our history,
finance production.

In return, we propose:

discounted seats to attend the event,
a signed souvenir poster,
a meeting with the actors and the project team,
a word of thanks

Waar dient de collecte voor

This money will be used entirely for the production of the play: the financing of the actors but also the costumes and sets that make the project live.

A date would cost us 3500 euros. For two dates in a row, it would cost 5396 euros. We pay six actors, one costume designer, the director and her assistant.

If we reach our target, the KissKissBankBank site will take an 8% commission on the total amount of the prize pool.

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