Soutenez Végéman, kebab 100% vegan à Strasbourg

Take part to the creation of the first ethical "kebab" place in Eastern France !

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Soutenez Végéman, kebab 100% vegan à Strasbourg

Come and feast with your love, family, friends or colleagues, in this new restaurant dedicated to special fast food in Strasbourg. Opening expected by the end of 2018 !

A vegan kebab ? 


Forget about the traditional kebab that we all know ! Vegeman, beyond a vegan place, will be a fast food restaurant, promoting organic & local products. The use of seitan will give you a sane sandwich, but also delicious and full or proteins (feed made from wheat offering a texture very close to meat).

Who is behind this project ?


Salut !
I am called Bidou, vegetarian for 4 years and now vegan since 3 years ; I am 30 and I live in Strasbourg since about 10 years.

My passions ? I practice weight-free workout (without accessories) since almost 3 years and I love to discover veggie food from different areas of the world.

My background ? I was a teacher for 7 years in a permanent circus association called "Graine de Cirque" (school from Strasbourg, modern without animals) and I recently had several experiences in fast-food restaurants.

For me, well-being means sane food in any occasion and I want to share this idea it with other people.

My dream? To create an alternative restaurant in Strasbourg, to deliver a concept that is protecting animals and our environment.

In collaboration with vegan restaurant pros, following several trainings, and after a year of learning and thinking with nice exchanges, I am now ready to lead this project with your support.

A 100 % vegan restaurant, what is it ?


Veganism is a philosophy which rejects any kind of animal exploitation. That is why, the restaurant will not serve any product which is coming from the exploitation of any animal.


What can we eat, then  ?


Create you own kebab "a la carte" ! You will be able to select your own bread, your preferred sauce and lots of other seasonal hot or cold side dishes.


Organic homemade fries, seasonal salads or coleslaws, will come with you menu.


And you won't resist in front of our crunchy organic nuggets.


Get a buzz of vitamins with our smoothies and freshly-pressed juices. For our gourmets, have a taste to our delicious milk-shakes (made with vegetal milk and ice-cream).

Vegeman will be one of the first french provider of Proviant drinks, vegan and organic imported from Berlin.


You will also find other homemade organic desserts : eat here or take away !

Vegan and environment-friendly ?


All packagings utilized in this restaurant will be 100% recyclable and biodegradable, which will allow to mitigate the carbon footprint of Vegeman. Furthermore : the restaurant will be supplied with green electricity (wind energy, hydraulic, biogas, solar energy...).

Where is the idea coming from ?


After several trips, especially in Eastern Europe and in France, the idea of a vegan kebab restaurant in Strasbourg came in my mind.


After a few trials with family and friends, I was able to elaborate new special recipes of kebab, drinks, desserts and... THE vegetal white sauce ! The feedbacks were speaking only one voice, although there were coming from omnivores, vegetarians or vegans, highlighting a taste and a texture close to traditonal kebabs but with something different, and this consolidated my project.

Photos credits Mathilde Cybulski


What about this crowdfunding ?


Crowdfunding has been a great help for many projects since several years. Without you, this project will never be real and will stay in my mind !


Want to contribute ? So easy !
Simply, choose one of the counterparty option on the right side of this page. Once Vegeman is opened (hopefully by the end of 2018), you are more than welcome to ask for your counter-party but please within a year after the opening. You can also freely decide yourself about your contribution.


What if the targeted amount is over-passed ?


If the funding is higher that 100%, Vegeman will deliver :

110% : Yummy "cheesy"- croquettes !

120% : Delicious paninis ! 

130% : A machine able to make italians-style vegan ice-creams !


What is the project status ?


Vegeman has already found its local organic food suppliers.

All recipes are tested and ready : desserts, smoothies, milk-shakes, kebabs (for sure) and their sauces... They are now waiting for you !

We already found a place for the restaurant, located in the heart of Strasbourg main students area, Krutenau.

Graffiti-artist NACL is excited to come and paint the walls !

We are now very close to make it possible ! That's why we need you !

Waar dient de collecte voor

The aim of the funding is to support the purchase of a large part of the professional kitchen equipment :

2 Blenders (3198 euros) to prepare our gorgeous smoothies and delicious milk-shakes.

1 Centrifuge (1199 euros) for our fresh juices full of vitamins.

1 Double deep fryer (425 euros) to prepare homemade vegan french fries and nuggets.

1 Plancha (469 euros) to grill simili-meat and make it crispy. 

1 Grill (269 euros) to get crunchy kebab bread.

1 Cooled Showcase (590 euros) to present our refreshing organic drinks. 

1 Oven (5000 euros) because "no oven, no Vegeman" ! 

1 Robot-cutter (1300 euros) to prepare raw vegetables that come in our kebabs and potatoes for our fries.

 TOTAL 12 450 euros 

Your contribution is to key allow us to create Végéman !

"Vegeman company will get the whole amount of the funding"

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The scrounger


Because we have to start from the bottom !
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The scrounger


Because we have to start from the bottom !
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