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Spot&Cetera is the carreer objectives of my life, its culmination, the last train not to miss, the most in tune with myself and, why not, with you?

Spot&Cetera is a new approach to photo travel. It’s the way to compose together, whether you’re a professional photographer or not, your private trip, customs-made or on the menu!



My name is Betty Laheurte. I have been a for 17 years as such, registered on the Pictanovo Technicians Guide, Hauts de France.

Working as a location manager is about to merge with the director in order to find places that reflect as best as possible his vision. On the other hand, french crew's location manager puts all the technical, logistical and all the administrative ressources at the units and actors’s disposal. It allows them to work in the best conditions as possible, to optimize time and to avoid all inconveniences and tensions. «The oil in the wheels! »

But working as a location manager also means unforgettable experiences, meeting amazing people, sharing unique moments.



Spot&Cetera is the way to get rid of all the logistical and administrative contraints of your travel’s organization. It is also the insurance to discover (besides the unavoidable) new spots with high potential.

– Did I mention yet I was a location manager? ;) – aggregated over time because of my know-how and specific technical researches.

I live very close to "La Baie de Somme", in a city named Abbeville, famous for its Birds and Nature festival. Abbeville is located between "La Côte d’Albâtre" and "La Côte d’Opale".

A strategic and inspiring area for Spot&Cetera...



I have been interested in you, photographers, for 5 years. Because of the experiences on the ground, the follow-up of your work and the many exchanges I use to have with many of you, I’ve learned your habits, your operation, your language, your needs.

Then, I’ve understood that my skills would release you from the heaviness of management of your travels, bring orignality with news spots, an optimal taking into account of the best atmospheric conditions and light thanks to exhaustive researches, and allow you to focus on the essential freedom to photograph.



This is what happened in October 2016, during a trip / adventure custom-made for Antonio Gaudenco , Romain Matteï , François Cailleret , Fabrice Talleux, in Glencoe and on the isle of Skye in Scotland.



During this Photo Trip in epic places, I was able to put at their service all my skills of field and management, including the discovery of 4 spots which were unknown to them.
This saved them valuable time, while giving them the freedom to think of nothing else but their passion and taking advantage of the many benefits of the Road Trip ...



Spot & Cetera is above all the story of a synergy ...
That of the expertise of a location manager/ and the artist photographer ...

Waar dient de collecte voor

You will understand, Spot&Cetera is in the creation phase, and for this common adventure to emerge, I need you!


To take you by mountains and valleys, I must be able to rent (long-term rental) an equipped Van. It will transport you up to 6 fully equipped photographers in the best conditions, but especially in a real human atmosphere!



The difficulty today is to rent a vehicle if you don't have a first 1st Balance Sheet to present. On the other hand, the contribution that you would help me to conceive, would be a major asset, to succeed to convince them!!! This is because I need your help!


If your entries exceed the target, the creation of the Spot&Cetera logo will be supported!


Important dates

End of January, beginning of February: passage in committee for the loan of honor; result of the presentation of the file with the banks; then registration in accordance with the regulations at Atout France, and ... First trips in April 2018!!!


I will collect the entire collection for use as agreed here.


Thank you in advance, from the bottom of my heart, for your financial and emotional support!


I am convinced that like me, you will see the potential that such a project can offer to your profession of photographer.

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