StyleShot: L'application qui vous aide à faire un choix

The Mobile application that helps you to make a choice during shopping

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StyleShot: L'application qui vous aide à faire un choix


How is the idea concept?

The purchase consumer behavior varies greatly depending on internal and external stimuli which it is subject . The notice of a loved person comes into play in your choices and purchases.

Whenever a person is shopping, especially for clothes ( clothes , sunglasses, shoes ... ) it faces a huge choice and reluctant to make a decision to purchase. In this situation, the presence of a friend or family member is highly desirable to advise the buyer. It can influence his act or purchasing choices . Hesitation , evaluating different offers before buying and consulting third opinion , were always set when it came to buying a product . Having a smartphone with a camera, The application we propose allows the user to share a photo and seek advice from family , friends, business colleagues , etc. . A notice will be considered in the decision-making "Social recommendation " through comments and reviews a growing impact on consumer choices . Consumers rely more on the advice of their peers for the purchase of products or membership of a brand. A profound change , the fashion brands and clothing should certainly consider. Moreover, this application has enormous potential to influence the purchase decision .

What exactly is ?

A mobile social network allows users to upload photos of outfits in real time in a store ready to wear or even at home, they can also specify the type of event for which he s going to wear the (work a casual day, a wedding, etc.). Members can also ask the community to evaluate other products such as makeup, accessories, shoes.     Once downloaded, the user has the right to see the picture in terms of privacy settings configured can evaluate the resistance (or object) in real time. Once your photo is on the network, scores climb very quickly and you will have votes and community final decision on your outfit. The application also allows you to download two different outfits and ask the community to vote for the best.  And now, you can take a decision

Use / handling:

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Before posting a photo, the user can specify its location, simply by exploiting the suggestions of the application that using GPS can pinpoint shops and businesses nearby. Friends / family (list of members) are alerted automatically when you post a photo. They can give you their opinions through these appréciassions (super, mean, ugly ...).


What about privacy ?

To protect the privacy of users, a pleasant spot option allows to blur blur on the face at the photos uploaded. The option can be used to blur any object in the photo. You also have the choice to keep the photo on the network or delete automatically after a few minutes.

Opportunities for brands.

As perspective, the application may request the participation of brands and designers featured in obtaining advice.

Waar dient de collecte voor

We can finance half of the project and we need investors to come to our aid! 

The collection will be used to finance part of the development and design of the application, advertising and marketing. 

We are open to your suggestions in terms of functionality. 

The facts include:

 -1200 Euro: For the development and application design .

-300 Euro: For marketing and digital advertising (Facebook, twitter , Google Ads ... )

-100 Euro: To create a short video explaining the operation of the application and of supporting advertising -400 Euro: To finance a part of the organization of a small launch party  to ensure the presentation and promotion of the application, the meeting with potential contributors, the test preview and obtaining immediate feedback to improve the application in a new version.  


The collection of a sum greater than 2000 euros, we will develop new versions for other smartphones (iOS and Windows Phone Version )   If you can not support us financially , help us to know our project as a simple sharing of our pages:

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