Succulentes - Café & Cactus

Give a hand for the opening of the café-boutique Succulentes. A coffee shop where you can also buy cacti and succulents.

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Succulentes - Café & Cactus

Latest news (23rd November) : We've reached our first objective in less than 7 days. We are over the moon and motivated to get to the second level. We are now trying to reach 7 000€. Go to the bottom of the page to learn more about how we are going to use that money.


Succulentes is a café-boutique where you will be able to take a healthy breakfast, grab lunch or go wild for our home-made pastries and giant cookies.  Succulents and cacti will also be on sale hidden in pretty pots specially designed for you.

Titre3-1499362593 At les Succulentes, we love to eat and we love to cook in a healthy way. For breakfast indulge yourself with our crunchy granola. For lunch you can grab our salad bowl of the day or one or two of our veggie toasts. Coffees, teas and fresh energizing juices will be served all day. 

Everyone with a sweet tooth will enjoy our signature cakes such as our extra-softy-lemony-olivy-cake or our bergamot cake.

You can either eat-in or take a way each of our recipes.



Our code of conduct :

- We cook everything ourselves with love everyday.

- We only use fresh and seasonal products.

- Our supplies come mainly from local producers and if they do organic products we are even more happy ! 

- We help you stay healthy with balanced recipes filled with colours and tastes.

- We know how to stay generous because a cookie with butter is still way better. 

- We love our planet so our packs are recyclable.


For all green-fingered friends (or if you just love to have a well decorated cosy place) we sell cacti and succulents. All our plants are repoted in terracotta pots made by a local craftsman. Each pot will then be decorated with a "collerette" with our home-made pattern.


Pot2texture-1511015295                                                       Pot_fini-1511015320


Titre5-1499362748 Les Succulentes are getting ready to open at 18 boulevard Vauban, in one of the cosiest and trendiest neighbourhood of Marseille. For our special café-boutique, we needed a special place and decided to settle in an old "crèmerie" (the place where they used to make milk and cheese).




Builders have almost finished to transform this place in a shop that reflects the spirit of les Succulentes. It's our turn to roll our sleeves up and start painting and furnishing the shop to make it look its best for the opening in January. Green, gold, wood... it's all about mixing what we love the most.

Downstairs you can grab a quick lunch or choose your future cacti friend. Upstairs you can watch the world go by in our comfy sofa.






Coralie - She is the queen of design. Trained as an architect, she's the one that is going to make you feel at home. Her graphic tablet under her arm, she designs the look of our pots.


Coralie likes to look through magazines starting from the last page.

Coralie likes less caramels that stick to her teeth.


Aurélie is the choco-addict. She quited her job as a digital project manager to try her hand in the kitchen for you. She even is going to take a barista class to make you the best coffee you can get.


Aurélie likes keeping a spoon of cookie dough for herself.

Aurélie likes less starting to read a book and realizing after 100 pages she's already read it once. 

Waar dient de collecte voor

We've already broken open our piggy bank and hunted down real banks to gather 18 000€ that helps us to finance a big part of our project. 

We sweated 63,7L by doing a large part of the works ourselves and covered 326km to find the perfect cacti supplier.

Our generous contributors already gave us a big boost since we reached our first goal at 5000€ in 7 tiny days.

These 5 000€ will allow us to fully equipped our kitchen with professional equipment. 


We now have one month left to reach our second objective :


***************************NEW GOAL 7 000€**************************


If you help us reach this new goal we will be able to develop our website to display our menu, our products and why not open an e-shop ?


We promise we are not going to fly to Mexico with your contributions. All donations go straight in our company's social capital. 



You want to know more about us ?

Write us a live note at

And follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get a sneek peak into our backstage.


How does this fundraising work ?

To help us open our café-boutique, click on "back this project". Each contribution even the tiniest is more than welcome and helpful. With each donation comes a gift that we specially prepared for you.


We are counting on you to share this page to your family, friends or your favorite bartender and are hoping to see you soon over coffee.

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>>>>>>>>>> PACK KISS COOL <<<<<<<<<< Un bisou tout doux + un sticker Succulentes (à coller sur votre voiture, votre vélo, votre skate, votre limo…)
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>>>>>>>PACK EN MODE BONHEUR<<<<<<< Avec Julie, pimpante marseillaise du blog En Mode Bonheur, on réserve aux 10 premières contributrices qui choisissent cette contrepartie un sachet de GRANOLA MAISON. Il est croquant, il est fondant, il est yummy !
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>>>>>>> PACK MINUS & CORTEX <<<<<<< Un bisou tout doux + un sticker Succulentes + une grande boisson + une part de gâteau + 1 cactus minus (le petit tout mignon)
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>>>>>>>>>> PACK MAXI MIAM <<<<<<<<<< Un bisou tout doux + un sticker Succulentes + un menu complet (plat + dessert + boisson) + un cactus minus
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>>>>>>>>> PACK TROPIQUANTE <<<<<<<<< Un bisou tout doux + un sticker Succulentes + un menu complet (plat + dessert + boisson) + 1 cactus medium
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>>>>>>>> PACK FIL EN AIGUILLE <<<<<<<< On passe à trois chiffres et donc aux bouchées doubles. 2 bisous tout doux + 2 stickers Succulentes + un menu complet (plat + dessert + boisson) + 1 cactus medium + un T-shirt brodé Succulentes spécial édition de lancement
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>>>>>>>>> PACK BOBO COOL <<<<<<<<< Bim, on peut s’offrir direct notre fauteuil suspendu avec ça ! Pour vous 2 bisous tout doux + 2 stickers Succulentes + un menu complet (plat + dessert + boisson) + un T-shirt brodé Succulentes + 1 cactus medium avec le pot personnalisé avec le motif et la phrase au choix + une suspension en macramé
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  • Levering Maart 2018

Voor €500

>>>>>>>>> PACK GLOUTON <<<<<<<<< Waouh, waouh. Va falloir mettre le paquet pour vous rendre la pareille alors on vous offre UN PETIT DEJ PRIVATISE dans le café pour 10 personnes + 1 cactus maximus (la plus grosse taille).
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  • Levering Februari 2018

Voor €1.000

>>>>>>>>>> PACK BIG BOSS <<<<<<<<<< Après nous être prosternées devant vous on vous propose un déjeuner complet livré à votre bureau pour 10 personnes + 1 cactus maximus. Et pour les non marseillais une maxi boîte gourmande avec notre muesli, des cookies et plein d'autres surprises.
  • Levering Maart 2018

Voor €5.000

>>>>> PACK MILLION DOLLAR BABY <<<<< Banco notre boutique ouvre illico. Pour vous remercier de votre philantropie à l'infini et au delà on construira une sculpture en cactus à votre image + votre collection de pots avec votre portrait photo sérigraphiée en quadricolor sur la collerette + la création d'un rainbow cookie à votre nom + notre vénération éternelle
  • Levering Februari 2018

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