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Suenos de Amazonia


What if YOU were the secret to liberating joy and creative inspiration ?


This project is all about joy and sharing: Returning to JOY which is our essence.

For me travelling means sharing, giving, contributing, loving and opening up to the infinite possibilities to change the energy of the world.

I have been financing my lodge, partially on my own.

Today, I choose to share this heartfelt project. What contribution could you be for me in this beautiful project by helping my association to support a small school in the Amazonian Selva as well as our plan to safeguard biodiversity and create awareness in waste management ?





Kiss Kiss Bank Bank what contribution can you be for me and for Amazonia ?


A consciousness Centre for the planet, yes, but also and foremost a centre which would be open to people wishing to nurture themselves.

Set in marvellous surroundings, filled with potent energetic vibrations, where my presence will differentiate it from other lodges, and where the support of a few beautiful beings that are very dear to my heart will make of this place a haven of PEACE,JOY,LIFE and LOVE.



This adventure started a long time ago and my richness comes from my expertise in inward journeys, as well as spiritual journeys around the world.


SOISIC, healer, Energetics medium,  Access Consciousness Facilitator,  Shaman, Relaxation therapist, Hypnotherapist and Entrepreneur of heart for over 30 years.

I am also an Art Therapist, Yoga Nidra and Laughter Yoga Teacher.

I have been an Emotional Freedom Techniques expert and Reiki Master for over 10 years.


I offer quality and self discovery support in the heart of the magical nature of Amazonia.

I also organize thematic stays where the Selva, consciousness and you will intertwine.


The village of HUATURI is a very coveted place for the richness of the site, its fauna, flora and its environment. 83 people including many children live there, wishing to keep their authenticity and their traditions.





A family kindly offered to create this project with me on a ground and building partnershipI will thus take groups from France, Europe, Canada, the United States, India and other countries to share this site which will be open to everyone.





Special interest travel on themes such as « Choose your life » « Access to consciousness » « Opening to your infinite potential » « Energy healing » or « getting rid of your fears » in a totally different scenery, without solicitation.

A nurturing support to explore new things, a new reality.

Rediscovery or further exploration of your potency as an Infinite Being. The village will live from the proposed activities.

There is a Shaman on the spot.

There is a nursery and a primary school that we will help with equipment and with French and English Classes as well as sponsoring.  

A program on waste management will be set up, because the arrival of plastic and packaging is a real ecological issue. This program will be spread to neighboring villages.

And also to IQUITOS! Posters will be made, bins will be bought and awareness sessions will be held.






When you are inspired by a big target, an amazing project, the way you think changes completely. Your mind transcends its limitations, your consciousness expands in all directions and you reach a new, vaster world that becomes a source of wonderment.




Waar dient de collecte voor


The funds collected through our campaign :





To start off with, we want to provide a safe place for the workers and the equipment. Work conditions in the Selva are often difficult and dangerous.


We would then continue the construction of the first 4 Bungalows (started 3 months ago) with double bedroom, shower, toilet, but also the dormitory, the dining room, the kitchen, the bungalow dedicated to sharing and therapy.


The money will then be used to buy necessary extra tools and to start building 2 other bungalows.

The money will also be used for building materials for the lodge.

I would also like to set up a vegetable garden to provide for the Lodge and which will benefit to the families who will be working with me: We need to buy chickens, plants, seeds and equipment for a solar oven and a meditation and therapy maloca.  

Equipment / work and workers wages :







                                            Everything is hand-made and typical of Amazonia

8 people are paid  


- Labour/ boards/ roofing material: 3000 Euros

- Kitchen and electronic equipment: 2000 Euros

- Bathroom and toilet for the dormitory and the village caregivers: 1000 Euros

- Bins, recycling equipment: 1000 Euros

- Electricity  (Solar panels and batteries) : 2000 Euros

- Water system/ plumbing (Tank, filters, pipes, pumps) : 2000 Euros

- Maloca (for the ceremonies) - Therapy space - massage, relaxation, training courses and art : 500 Euros

- Greenhouse and Permaculture (plants, seeds, trees, chickens) : 1000 Euros





Through your donation you will be involved in this project, not only by helping us to built the center and by contributing to the smooth running of our daily life but also by aiding the workers, the village families, the neighboring communities et by acting for the safeguard of the environment.

You will be able to follow the evolution of YOUR contribution on the Facebook page and the website !

You will also benefit from gifts ! Join me on the Facebook page : Embarque dans ton rêve.





What would it take for the fundraising to exceed the requested amount, therefore allowing us to offer more to this beautiful place, project and people involved in this magnificent endeavor.

All the people who build this project are put on pay roll and are fed.

On completion of the works we will supply them with: 2 guide jobs, a cook’s job, 2 gardeners’ job, a job as a activity leader.

YOU are contributing to provide wages for a number of families in the village.

The whole village of HUATURI thanks you.




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