SUMAC DUB - Le Jardin de Lucy - 1er Album

Keep up the good vibes, take part in the CD pressing of "Le Jardin de Lucy", first Sumac Dub album !

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SUMAC DUB - Le Jardin de Lucy - 1er Album


We need you to press the first Sumac Dub album "Le Jardin de Lucy"



This 10 tracks album, already shared by ODG PRO, miss only one thing...Exist in CD format ! 

This would represent a real final point to the long work done in the album composition. An outcome that Sumac Dub looks forward, in his want of offering the best for his audience.





"A musical trip influenced by the origins"



Reggae lover and inspired by the Jamaïcan soundsystems, it is in 2013 that Sumac Dub gives birth to his first dub sonorities as he disovers MAO. He uploads his first tracks on internet and sign under the name of "Le Goëland". Two years later his appartment gets robbed and all his work disappears with his computer. He decides then to all rebuilt around a new project, Sumac Dub, and starts composing for an album, "Le Jardin de Lucy".


But it is not without help that "LeJardin de Lucy" came to life. The wonderful art work of Yves Durif alias JUSA is to noticed on the front and back cover. It is him who actually workds on the T-shirts disign you can get in participating in the crowdfounding !!




Sumac Dub c'est aussi un premier clip sorti en mars 2015 réalisé par Sylvain Raby allias l'Alumet'   

Waar dient de collecte voor

The money will be used to realize the CD pressing of "Le Jardin de Lucy", in 500 copies.

The CDs, once pressed, will be sent to the project contributors, but also be used to touch different place of diffusion, so we might get the chance to do a show in your city !! The money will also be used to print the t-shirts, posters and stickers.





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