SUPER KIBLIND is a 320 pages book dedicated to contemporary illustration and created by Kiblind Magazine.

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With an editorial project focused on contemporary illustration, Kiblind magazine is the witness of an ever-changing field. Every three months, readers discover unique and original works based on the issue’s theme and made by young and gifted artists. Well, at least, that’s what we think.

SUPER KIBLIND is a collection of all the works published during the year and a starting point to present the artist’s creations. 

The result is 320 pages of red-hot illustrations made by people with sharp eyes and dexterous hands. 

SUPER KIBLIND is an art book made with care: a sewn spine with an illustrated and silkscreen hard cover.

You have a choice of 4 book covers. The 4 of them were the magazine’s front pages this year. And you can even get it as a poster if you want to. 

But if you prefer a signed and numbered silk-screen poster by Maria Medem, we won’t contradict you. 


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Fundings from preorders will be used to finance the printing and the distribution of the book. It does include the fulfillment of a dream. 

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