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About us


Sutzkever Project is a piano / voice recital composed of Avrom Sutzkever's poems set to music by Olivier Milhaud.



- Mélanie Gardyn, soprano singer 







- Natacha Medvedeva, pianist





Olivier Milhaud, composer 





In 2010, the composer Olivier Milhaud met the translator Batia Baum who is still today the literary adviser of the project. She made him discover the beauty of Sutzkever's poems. 


In 2015, Olivier Milhaud met Mélanie Gardyn and later with Natacha Medvedeva who joined the group, Sutzkever Project was born.  



From the poet’s childhood in Siberia where the light and nature inspired him through the Vilno’s ghetto to Israel, Sutzkever Project takes us into the poetic works by Abraham Sutzkever where words seem to have engulfed the outside world to make spring from the horror, nature, love, creation itself... splendor and beauty.



Farloyrene nest (abandoned nest)






The originality of Sutzkever Project


- lyrical Yiddish 


- musical creation of a composer making alive the yiddish language (Darius MILHAUD's grand-nephew)


The music is inspired by the Jewish liturgy and joins in the lineage of Bloch, Ravel, Eisler, Shostakovich …


- beauty of the poems of Avrom SUTZKEVER, one of the greatest yiddish poets of the 20th century !








Grand Prize at the International Jewish Music Festival in Amsterdam






In May 2017, Sutzkever Project won the Grand Prize at the International Jewish Music Festival in Amsterdam and the special Mira Rafalowicz Award for the best Yiddish performance.



The jury report said :


The Sutzkever Project deserves the first prize because of the artistic way in which the performers brought the poetry of Sutzkever and the compositions of Olivier Milhaud to life. Singer Mélanie Gardyn sang expressively and was accompanied with exquisite finesse by pianist Natacha Medvedeva. We encourage the composer and the performers to extend this project and bring this work of beauty to the world.


So, you can understand we can't stop now...




About Sutzkever



Drawing depicting Sutzkever by his friend Marc Chagall





Sutzkever displays something of poetic hallucination... from there, one senses that his work flows with great freedom and borders seem to vanish.

There are no longer real borders between the thing and the word, between the word and the mouth, between man and matter, the self and the world...


The words deconstruct the world so it can be reborn.

A tree can be endowed with love whereas the sunset is horrifying.

Still-bitter beauty is embodied by a bee, a broken violin, the distant melody of a memory, the words of the dead or the living addressing the dead.

He questions the Yiddish poet and his language, history as it unfolds, and poetry itself… This is the source of the extreme richness of tones, subjects, forms, grammar and the creation of many neologisms.


A huge poet !




Tsvey beymer (two trees)






Waar dient de collecte voor




The funds will be used to make a CD of 12 songs and so this recording, we hope, will transmit and broadcast the poetry of Avrom Sutzkever ! Also to promote the Yiddish language and to give our project to life !


The funds will be managed by the association Anima & Cie.




Provisional calendar



In september 2018, during one week, we will record our 12 songs in Gargenville - Nadia and Lili Boulanger's houses with a sound-engineer, himself a lyrical singer.


Then time us required for mixing and mastering. 

And time to press and finish the album. 


If everything goes well, the album is to be released at the beginning of 2019.

At the same period, we will be able to send you your rewards and present you our best wishes !

We will keep you informed of future developments.


That is why your donation is so important for us to make our first album !



Your contribution at any amount will support us in our meaningful cause.

Regardless of your donation amount, a gift is already there !



Cost details 


This type of duo requires a quality recording to enhance the sound of the voice and the piano. 


We would need at least 6588 € 



If we are able to reach this amount... funds will be allocated as follows :



Recording, mixing and mastering 4000 €


Commission KissKissBankBank 8% 488 €


SDRM rights (mechanical reproduction rights) 700 €


CD release concert (promotion, rent of the room, flyers, posters) 900 €


Pressing 500 CDs  500 €




If we exceed this amount... 



Until 1000€ more, we can afford to pay the performers and the literary adviser who is also the translator of Sutzkever's poems. 


For 2000€ more, we can pay someone to promote our project.


For 4000€ more, we can make a 3 minutes professional video clip that would be very useful for promotion of our project and for future concerts.  



We need you to realise our CD album !

Our CD album depends on you !


Thanks to all KishKishDankers who will help us with our creation project !







Thanks to everyone who supports us from the beginning : 

Batia Baum, Lise Gutmann, Annie Rapoport Rayski, Bernard Flam, Shura Lipovsky, le Centre Medem (Arbeter-Ring), Michèle Tauber, Jules Van Hessen, Hankus Netski, Dubi Lenz, Bob Zimmerman, Erez Lévy, Bernard Vaisbrot,Livia Parnes, Efim et Susan Chorny, Jacinta, Carole et Daniel Macré, Rémy Yulzari, Denis Cuniot, Claude Hampel, Laura Renberg, Miléna Kartowski,  le Festival des Cultures Juives, le Mémorial de la Shoah, le Mémorial de Rivesaltes, Yiddish pour Tous (Charles Goldszlagier), Radio Judaïques FM, Alexis Kune, Radio J, 

ainsi qu'à Svetlana Medvedeva, Yaël Berrebi, Phoebe Spanier, Norine Lau, Muriel Hirschmann, Denise Elhaïk, Claudine et Henri Wajnberg, Florent Milhaud, Fabienne Galula, Salomé Milhaud, Noam Faraud Gardyn...

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