Swimming Laos

SwimmingLaos makes a campaign to support local children to get free and basic swimming lessons.

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Swimming Laos

Situation in LAOS


Drowning is a leading cause of death for children worldwide. This menace is present in all countries around the world.


Moreover it is important to note the 25% of all children in the world live in Southeast Asia. A UNICEF report indicates a large number of children drownings in Asia (95% of all current childhood drowning deaths).


However, even though we do not have precise figures on the situation in Laos, neighbouring countries drowning rates and many testimonies about children drownings occuring in village near to water points especially near homes (large pools, reservoirs, lakes, rivers...) give hints on how high the drowning rate in Laos will probably be.


These accidents concern three age categories, 1 to 4 years, 5 to 9 years and 10 and over, with a strong concentration in the early years (1 to 4 years) .


Swimminglaos actions


Laos is a landlocked country and off the radar. No awareness and education campaigns have been created yet. SwimmingLaos program was created in January 2013. After one and a half years of negotiation with the Lao government, we finally got governmental authorization that allows Lao primary schools to access basic swimming skills in March 2014.


Until now, 500 Lao children between 6 and 10 years are able to swim. To ensure that SwimmingLaos can teach more children in the future, we need your help. 


Swimming laos is compose of 7 swimming teachers who are from Laos and who get for the first time in the Laos history a FINA qualification.

Swimming teacher is on a way to become a true job in LAOS P.D.RTeaserbox_22951028-1493258786



This is my presentation at Vientiane ( LAOS) during Pechakucha, concerning swimming laos in March 2017

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Your donations


Please support us with your donation in order to reach €2,500 and give the chance to 200 children!

With this amount we are able to: 

- Pay 7 national swimming teacher (€1,100)

- Rent transportation vehicules (€400)

- Procurement of new swimming equipment (€400)

- Marketing and communication (€100)


* The donation will arrive on my (Simon Vaslet)  personal account. In Laos an association can't be lead by a

   foreigner therefore we can't open a bank account for Swimminglaos at the moment.

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