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Tachka - Premier album

Tachka is a bit similar to lemon drops, you remember the sweetness of candy until you put it in your mouth and it strikes you as slightly acid.


Tachka isn't experimental folk music but rather unconventional folk music. I do like poetic lyrics, I do like beautiful music. But what is beautiful music ? Jazz , indie folk, classical music, blues, traditional music ? I was unable to make up your mind which is why my album will be an attempt to gather different types of music in a single record, sometimes in a single song.


I started this solo project three years ago which at the time recalled the setting of a minimalist theatre show: a piano, a guitar, a voice and one person to do it all. This project has since grown, matured, evolved, call it what you want, a metamorphosis maybe ?


I had to find other people to work with!



This is why I decided to gather a strong team to help me work on my first EP “Silent Opera”, which was released in september 2013. Finally! Brass instruments, woodwind instruments, violins had a word to say in my songs! 


In January 2013, I participated in a music contest. I was lucky enough to win this competition which allowed me to win 20 days of recording in a good recording studio. When I realized that I had won, I thought to myself “...man, 20 days, that's big, there would be enough space for everybody: flutes, strings, a sitar ? I've always wanted to have a french horn playing on that song...”


Go and listen to my EP it's right here !


  Silent Opera EPSoundcloud - Listen to Silent Opera EP by Tachka Opera: Tachka "Silent Opera" EP. Sortie prévue en 2013. | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio.


But well, if the imagination is boundless, my wallet unfortunately is.


My first EP was entirely self-produced and those 20 days of recording are an amazing prize but the fact is that this recording takes place only one year after I released my EP . I am motivated and eager to do justice to this prize by releasing a great album that will match the musical atmosphere of my first record , yet I am short of fundings.


Waar dient de collecte voor

But if the 20 days of studio are provided for, why do you need us?”, you'll ask yourself and you'll be right to do so.


To gather a professional team to co-write the arrangements has a cost. To pay professional musicians in order to play the music sheets we've written also has a price. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by people who are enthusiastic about my music project and who have been willing to participate voluntarily in its conception. As benevolent those people may be, they're just like you and I, they have to pay their rent, their kids go to school, and once in a while they just want to enjoy. 

While many people worked voluntarily on the EP, it seems essential to remunerate the people who are going to work on the album, especially when they're doing a good job. 

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