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TAKER -Sixteen students in cinema decided to make a ‘dark’ and ambitious short-movie willing to express their talents on screen.

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Taker_le Film





Follow us in a nocturnal escapade with a young serial killer and let your darkest fantasies take over during an insane party. Hell never felt so tempting…

Introducing the breath-taking portrait of a predator, sneak into the crowd, provoke the bad spirits with him and leave yourself be feed by his desires all night long.


TAKER is the association of sixteen students in cinema and theater brought together around a personal story that became a short-film. 

TAKER has the ambition and wants the audience to be part of the action, led by morbid desires of an emergent serial killer.

Life is full of surprises and sometimes those events have a strong bitter taste.

Let’s be clear, the story isn’t easy to carry on, however thanks to the backbone, the passion, the hard work and the patience of the crew, we are willing to share a part of our story in this short-film.


Thanks to you, we all are about to be able to express fully our creativity, to give our imagination free rein!



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Jean-David BERNARD – 24 ans – HELB student (France)  


“It is hard to talk about oneself when the others do it better. And it is the reason why I took the time to choose each member of the crew with a common vision on the world and those who are part of it.

The murderer story hides different reflects of my life experience that I need to share with the audience. I went through traumatic experiences. It got complicated, it got frustrated, it got depressed. To grieve and make those experiences part of who I created this film instead of losing time to forget something that I felt responsible for.”  






Laura Isabel CARICHAS – 22 years – HELB student (Belgium)  


TAKER is a hand full and passionate project where every one can help up and I am going to make sure the party will be unforgettable!”  





Maximilien BRIBOSIA – 20 years – HELB student (Belgium)  


“Jean-David draws the painting and our skills put colours on it. Full of enthusiasm, I am ready to guide you into the universe of TAKER."



Maria Hermosillo – Production Manager

Mélusine Delferière – Camera Operator

Léo Foulet – Assistant Camera Operator

Gianluca Kegelaert – Production Sound Mixer

Louis Martin – Boom Operator

Alexandre Tosar - Assistant Production Sound Mixer

Stacy Claire – Production Designer

Raphaël de Radigues - Sound Designer & Foley Artist

Rayan Imoula – Director of Photography

Léo Robeet - Gaffer

Eric di Loreto – Head Carpenter

Benoit Dericke - Carpenter

Ana Olivares – Location Manager

Clément Lefrais & Roxane Tessier - Runners

Louise Verdoot – Painter


And many others ...








As the serial killer.


César DUMINIL - Training : Atelier du Sudden (Paris)





As Jorge.


Zac Andria - Training : Cours Florent (Paris)





Amelina Limousin - https://vimeo.com/65997479




Illustration of Gauthier BRIBOSIA (inspired by Tardi)



Waar dient de collecte voor

700 € Image equipment (optical, lights, image accessories)


600 € Machinery


400 € Sound equipment


180 € Decoration /accessories


180 € Transportation of equipment and crew


400 € Location manager


300 € 10% Unforeseen


240 € 8% to Kisskissbankbank



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