Tale Me... comment partager de beaux vêtements?

Rendre accessible aux enfants (3mois à 3 ans) des vêtements beaux, uniques et "made in here". Comment? La location!

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Tale Me... comment partager de beaux vêtements?

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Hello everyone!


- But what do you do?

- Children's clothing rental!  

- Oh ok! Nice! and how does it work?

- A monthly subscription for a pack of clothes ... you exchange when you want!

- And what about a smear on a cloth we give back?

- No problems! We can repair it and give it a new life ...

- How much does it cost then?

- You can discover prices just there, on the right side of this screen!

- And when this is available?

- As soon as the collect is over we start the manufacturing, first packs available in spring 2014!


See you soon to begin this (a little bit ...) crazy adventure !


////// Anna et Catherine, Tale Me ///////




Tale Me is a children’s clothing rental service. At first, it may surprise you… It’s normal  ! But when you think about it, it’s actually (not to brag) pretty clever.





Tale Me want to promote local textile know-how, and offer a new way to dress. The aim is to provide beautiful and original Belgian or French designer clothes for little ones between 3 months and 3 years old, made locally with natural materials. Seven families have already tested and applauded !



Why this idea?


We are convinced of the need to change business models respecting people and the environment while promoting know-how and local design. As young mothers, we constantly confront the lack of alternatives to dress our children. We seek in vain to wear our children with clothing practices, resistant, not impregnated with chemicals and beautiful! All this at affordable prices!



Anselm and Gerald up in their car and go to find GOOD clothes!


Furthermore, we quickly realized that these clothes were soon too small! Over time, we stock impeccable clothes still ... waiting for a possible second child or friends! Combining our desire to take action, and our thoughts in terms of clothing, we naturally come to the evidence that leasing is the answer that we want to bring to the market of children clothes.



Little Maggy with her dad dicover a new package



  We will give you with beautiful clothes, original, created by Belgian or French designers, made in Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Belgiumworkshops ,with natural, high environmental and social quality materials.


How does it will work?


The Tale Me website (www.taleme.be) will allow to choose the number of outfits—3, 5, or 7— and the most liked designers!



Step 1 : I choose the size of my package


Depending on the plan (monthly fees depending on the package size), Anna and Catherine will put together a package of clothing, adapted to the season, and to the size of the lucky little one who will wear the clothes!




Step 2 : I rent my package


The system is fast, flexible and easy-to-use. It will allow to exchange garments for others in line with the seasons, your preferences, and your child’s (out)growing rate.



Step 3 : I use the clothes and gie them back when there are too small or when the season is changing!


You can find here partents who have tested the concept and liked it!





Contributions allow you to be the first to test the concept on a large scale! They are composed of packs from 1 to 3 outfits that you can use between 2 and 20 months! Once clothing are too small, the season changes...we organize the exchange!


Possible deliveries in Belgium and France. In short: fine clothes for the little ones every month! Visit our website: www.taleme.be


Waar dient de collecte voor

The amount that we wish to collect is a part of our total financial need. This amount will be used in particular to the following elements:


+ Provide opportunities for seven Belgian and French designers to create 14 innovative clothes patterns for children between 3 months and 3 years old




Designers (Emilie Beaumont, Les chiffonneuses, Morse et Petit Pois Carotte sur la photo) involved, thinking about good and beautiful clothes



In the Morse workshop...


+ To buy only European fabrics 



Emilie Beaumont choose fabrics for new clothes only for little boys!





+ Manufacturinf of models by garment factories close to designers. We will work with Isastyl and Midistyle workshop in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais (Fr) and Mulieris workshop in Brussels (Be).



Workshop Isastyl in Noeux-les-Mines in Pas-de-Calais, France


+ Mise en avant des designers et de leurs modèles sur le site internet de Tale Me  



Un site internet dédié à la promotion du projet


+Partager notre histoire avec des enfants de 3 mois à 3 ans qui porteront des vêtements loués uniques à des prix très démocratiques



Maya a porté des vêtements Tale Me tout l'été




Zoé en tombe à la renverse



Noam joue aux mannequin pour Tale Me!


Contributions that we offer include the costs related to the KissKiss BankBank platform : 8% (5% bank charges and 3% commission). We can deliver in Belgium and France. Different delivery rates according to distance (0-4 euros) What happens if the amount of the collection is exceeded? Each additional request will be the opportunity to make new clothes that will be shared without moderation! It will be also more work for designers greater, for the garment factories and local fabrics: that's all good!  

Offer nice clothes to young to young parents!

















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