Tales from beyond the mists

"Tales from beyond the mists" is an illustrated book written and illustrated by me - Ana Stefanova

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Tales from beyond the mists




My name is Ana Stefanova


“Tales from beyond the mists” is a fairy tale, written and illustrated by me. I would like to materialize it and to introduce it to more people.


The illustrations of this story came first – in a very difficult moment in my life. As an outcome of a creativity process they were a light in the darkness.  The story grew up around them, when my son asked me to explain who these creatures are and what happens among them. Explaining all these, I made more illustrations and wrote the entire fairytale. Parts of it came to me as I was a passive observer and listener (for example – the part “Legend”, about Iana the Healer).


Here are some of the characters:












Having a background in the Analytical psychology and Folklore Studies, I realized that this story and the illustrations are an art equivalent and preceding ideas of my dissertation (which appeared a few years later and is an analytical psychological approach to firedancing rituals in the Bulgarian folklore). Going through the initiational processes with all the characters: Kruton, the Shaman, Iana, the Healer, dragon, wizards and bogeymen, all of them – wounded healers, I found myself healed and renewed, too.

Knowing about the healing power of the archetypes I believe my book may bring happiness to other people through my individual, original way.


(You may find more about me at:

http://tales.photo4art.com/about.htm  ).


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The book was ready for publishing in September, because this year it won a grant from the Municipality in my town. Unfortunately unexpectedly and without any explanation the publishers, who were my partners in the project, withdraw their participation and the grant automatically returned to the Municipality a week before the printing.


In the process of the editing, designing and in all kinds of final preparation of the book I received the unconditional support of my family, colleagues and friends.

I ask you to support the final step: the printing of the book and its presentation along an exhibition of some of my illustrations, because I truly believe in the bright side of people and the power of togetherness.


To make this book a reality I rely now on your help. I need 1700 Euro to publish, make an exhibition of the illustrations and distribute the book.


Thank you in advance, I really appreciate all kind of support, when it is by heart and with good energy!





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