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Help us discover Italian vineyards in a vintage Fiat 500

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Team Vino 500 - Culturit



After our Bachelor degree at Bocconi University in Milan, We, Alexis and Lloyd, Two French students, have decided to undertake our dream project: travel across Italy in a vintage Fiat 500 to discover Italy’s complex and diverse Wine industry. Our passion for Wine, beautiful Italian landscapes and our Commercial background have made this project a perfect excuse to undertake a road trip to see all the unseen of Italian beauty and discover the untold of the Wine industry.


Italy is a major Wine producer: It is the number one wine exporter in the world. However, Italy also houses more than 2000 different types of grapes along with contrasting climates and landscapes from North to South allowing infinite combinations of Wine.


Few know of the wide variety of wines Italy has to offer and one of our missions is to deliver this wide panel to the public.


Moreover, Our Commercial Background and skills are the subject of our second mission. We want to use our academic knowledge and put them to the test by making a market study and a comparative analysis report to the wine producers we will visit. This will allow them to be updated with the National trend of winemaking and also allow them to compare their production processes, marketing strategies with their fellow national competitors on a inter/intra regional basis.


We plan especially to help the Unknown and Original wine producers we are going to visit by offering them Visibility through our communication channels. We will be present in our blog, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and Organize Wine tasting events in Rome, Milan, Torino, Firenze, Populonia, Forte dei Marmi, Porto Ercole, Napoli, Trento.  



What will we make out of this experience?


During Our Travel, we will work to deliver some Interesting documents:

Journal of our adventures

A Photo Abum of Stunning Italian Landscapes and of the Team Vino 500

A Comic Book on our Adventure by a fellow friend

Web series which will be filmed thanks to our GoPro during the whole voyage

Our Market Study on Italian Wine Industry to know more about their economic/ ecological challenges & their enological characteristics.



















We found a Fiat 500F from 1970, waiting for us in a garage in Milan.









We decided to collaborate with Culturit, an Italian association in perfect match with our project.

Culturit is a Non-Profit organization that focuses on the enhancement, development as well as the management of Italy’s cultural heritage. Part of Culturit’s Staff is specially assigned to help the Team Vino 500 in terms of communication and translation services.  In exchange, we serve their cause in promoting Italy’s culture in the specific world of winemaking.





HENCE This summer 2015, July- August- September, we will travel through Italy’s vineyards for several purposes:


- Discover in a Enological point of view Italy’s Diversity

- Study the Industry at a macro and micro economic level ( National , and firm level)

- Give visibility and Support to the wine producers thanks to our channels of communication


In Brief: 



1 Fiat 500, 2 students, 3 months, 20 wine regions, 50 vineyards

Waar dient de collecte voor

Thanks to the crowdfunding,


The expenses of our first goal of  €5500 will be distributed as followed:

 - €3000 for the acquisition of the Fiat 500

 - €1500 for our daily expenses food supply (25€/day for 2)

 - €500 for the Car Insurance

 - €500 for the KissKissBankBank commission fees, equal to 8% of total = 500€ (base of €5500)


If we exceed the target, other major investments will be done:


Between €5500 and €7500

We can pay for Gasoline expenses for more than 5000 km (we are avoiding highways).


Between €7500 and €8500

We will be able to pay for unexpected expenses ( parking fees, Housing, accidents... )


Between €8500 et €9500

We can invest in equipment for the Fiat ( luggage carrier both on top and at the back of the car to carry the wine bottles we will collect during our trip)


Between €9500 et €10000

We will able to invest in material for our film production.


with more than €10000

the funds will go to Culturit in order to  support their Good Cause: promote and preserve Italy’s Cultural Heritage.


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