Terrariums décoratifs faits main ou en kit

If you don't have a garden nor a balcony and that you are fond of plants, take the opportunity to help the elaboration of a decorative terrarium.

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Terrariums décoratifs faits main ou en kit

What is a decorative terrarium? you don't have a garden nor a balcony...you are fond of plants and you don't  necessarly have green fingers...


My solution:

In order to bring a greener touch and improve your everyday home or work environment, I conceived a ''decorative Terrarium": Small indoor gardens, hand made or as a kit, elaborated info brand new  or recycled glass containers.


I developped specific skills in plastic arts and indoor design through my work experience and studies, notably technics on decorative painting, tapestry on furnitures, repackaging of furnitures and so on...What I particulary like is to recycle decorative items.


Being a nature's lover, I instinctively turned to the beauty of plants and flowers into interior design and therefore decided to extend my knowledge by undertaking a training in horticulture.


My compositions:                                                                                                                                                 I either recycle glass containers ( Old sweetbox, candle holder...) of buy It, always of  différent swaps and sizes. Each composition is an original one and unique piece, It's made by my one care or displayed as a kit, in order to create some shapely, easy using and perfect compositions, I also cooperate with landscape Gardener.  My terrriums are composed of dry or humid plants and mimiature trees. There are prepared to blossom in an almost self-sufficient ecosystem. 

 My goal: 

Introducing a lively and natural decorative component into an indoor.

The first feedback are very encouraging and positive. I intend to sell by internet, and for those only made by myself to deliver in Nimes and for Montpellier, to a central premises (for instance a shop).

The kit sets will contain the components required for the making of the terrarium (with or without glass containers) as well as a user manual.                                                                          





My évents:


Recently I have exposed my Terrariums at the Beach festivals of Grande Motte. It was a wonderful opportunity for people to see my work.


My business is fairly new, small and like a plant that need your help to make it grow to become strong and liveable.




My projects: 

The new season Spring/Summer 2016 will be out soon. Please consult photos enclosed and my Facebook page.



Some pictures of the new collection:  mini-terrariums, ideal for table decoration..






Essentially I work with Tillandsias plant There are the largest genus in the bromeliad family, accounting for approximately 550 of the over 2,500 species of bromeliads. They are native to the warmer climates of the Americas.

Commonly known as air plants, they are found from jungle to rain forest to arid desert environments – from sea level to high mountain regions. Most Tillandsia species use their root systems to attach themselves to trees or rocks and absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves. This classifies them as epiphytes. Absorption occurs through small scales on their leaves called trichomes. These trichomes are what give many air plants their silver or gray appearance. There is enormous variety in size, shape, texture, bloom and color of these bromeliads. Many of these unique plants undergo a dramatic color change as they prepare to bloom. Some have a very luscious and unequaled fragrance. Since Tillandsia's are epiphytes, the mounting medium you choose is limited only by my imagination. These hardy plants are adaptable and tolerant to a wide range of environmental conditions and require minimal care. 

Waar dient de collecte voor

How would I use my fund-raising?                                                                                                                      To prepare my new season Spring/Summer: € 2100

New/Used glass recipient.€1000

Air plant and decorations €1000

Tools €100


Good qualité photos For my website from a photograph: € 300


To buid my catalog for my website : €500

1 years shop online and Google ad


To help to fund my marketing materials: €500

€150= business card, flyers, poster,                                                                                                                     + € 350 = boxes, packaging, bags protections

                                                                                                                                                                                                 To have all the material required to expose my terrariums in festivals,show and market  €100                                         





The objectives of my fund-raising is up to €3500 which is the amount I need to start my business and also expand it to online shopping and training around terrariums along with workshops involving creating terrariums and increases knowledge around nature and plant for decoration. 

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