The Chill Bus Hôtel

We create an mobile hotel in a double decker bus ! Get on board for an extraordinary human adventure through Europe.

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The Chill Bus Hôtel

Presentation of the project :

Aim: departure summer 2019!

We need you to complete the re-arrangement of the bus.

We’re only missing 15,000€ to complete the work.

Stays and reservations:

The reservations will be booked on our website The itinerary will be available several months in advance.

Stays will take place from Saturday to Saturday (7 days/7 nights) in half board. We provide breakfast and dinner and all the linens. We’ll wake up every day in a different place and we’ll decide what will be the program of the day during the breakfast : visits, hiking, sport, rest, everyone can do whatever he wants, alone or with us.

By pre-reserving today, you’ll get an unbeatable discount on any of our stays ( 7D/ 7nights). You can use your place  for any of our road-trip during the next two years (starting the day of departure of the bus next summer). With 30 000km and 40 countries to be explored there will be for sure the stay of your dreams!

The Bus:

Before the arrangement :

After the arrangement :

Inspiring image about the atmosphere on board after the works:

An hotel that drives for a good cause :

Every reservation will contribute to offer a day and a night on board to a sick or poor child a child.
We are engaged in different associations for a long time and we are particularly sensitive to the injustices against childrens. Whatever it is : fighting a disease, difficult living conditions, violence, a mourning, nobody should undergo that, and even less a child.
We wish to offer them a dream stay and try to give them all the energy and the optimism we have. We would like that, during the stay, they feel only the beauty and the carefreeness of the childhood, build themselves new memories, dreams, which participate to their development and, maybe, that this bus opens them a road towards a better future.
Thanks to the first partners with whom we have already had the opportunity to organize other actions

Thanks to our benefits, we’ll let them use the bus and all its equipment for free. We’ll organize together custom-made stays for the children and their intermediaries/medical staff, according to the possibilities of every child.
52 days will be offered during our first business year.
We want to work with several associations and different kind of children's. We think that the exchanges between different children (sick, in recovery, disadvantaged etc.) will be the most constructive for them, as for us, adults.

An eco-responsible hotel:

Why the crowdfounding?

It means a lot to us to find a solidarity financement, in the spirit of the project, which allows everybody to take part of the adventure no matter its revenue and taking avantage of the bus.
We chose to launch this crowdfounding with special counterparties as the invitations to our inaugural party and pre-tour to let you have a privileged moment in the bus and to have an opportunity to meet you. We also propose exceptionally some places during the stays with the children. We look forward to sharing these beautiful moments with you, we’re counting on you to make them possible!!

Who are we?:

Waar dient de collecte voor

The crowdfounding will be used to finance raw materials, essential equipment to the arrangement of the bus, and the sport material for which we did not find sponsors.

If we exceed the 15000€ of the crowdfounding, we will use your contributions to get more successful and energy efficient equipment. We could also do the work faster by allowing us to pay specialists for the installation of difficult systems (heating/air conditioning, water recycling station, electronical system of control ..).
Every additional euro will be put aside to offer more stays to the children.

Your participation will be paid into our star-up “The Chill Company” SAS secure account, where we have already put all our savings in order to purchase the bus.

Follow us and contact us:

The Chill Bus can be also be used for every type of event such as seminaries, team high rise, custom-made stays in family or between friends, stag trips, cultural, sports or associative events, festivals, videos and clips shootings, or even for weddings, contact us!

Thanks to all for your participation, little brooks make great rivers, we count on you:D!!

They already support us and speak about us:

See you in the bus ;) !

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