The French Fromage

Web-documentary about French Cheese by understanding producers and cheese refiners' stories

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Première Caméra 2014

Première Caméra

The French Fromage

The French Fromage (Cheese) - -  is a web-documentary about the stories of people who are producing, day after day, one of the more beautiful piece of the French Gastronomy Heritage, Cheese.


What interest us and what we would like to share with you is the producers and cheese refiners' stories, their work and their commitment, but also the unique visual aspect of French Cheese, because without the expertise of these professionals, cheese would only has so many textures, colors and shapes.


The project's aim is to promote cheese by valuing the expertise and the terroir that makes French Cheese so special and gives it its unique look. We would like you to experience a product you know, cheese, in a different and original way.




How looks a tasty and good cheese? Does the "real" Camenbert have a white or a yellow color?

The "real" chesse's diversity of textures, colors and shapes is not use in its visual communication.



With our designer's eyes, passionated by image, we decided to go in the different regions of France for two months in order to communicated closely, even very closely, about french expertise and terroir which make French Cheese so specific. We are going to make you live a visual, human and artistic "French Cheese Tour".


Follow our road trip every day on the blog part of our internet website but also on twitter, instagram and our facebook page.




Waar dient de collecte voor

Even though we are already on the cheese road, we need money to pay back the video camera and to go deeper in our documentary project.


We need a minimum of 4500€ for :


- an HD video camera and a microphone (we use 1500€)

- transportation (train, gaz, highway toll), accomodation and food

- web-documentary post-production costs


If we can gather more money, it will be great because we will be able to communicate better about The French Fromage and it will allow us to organise an exhibition.

We will use the money for :


- create some extra little videos per cheese

- pay a part of the exhibition cost (printing cost, design and print of a exhibition brochure)


Thank you very much!!

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