The Green Trip, une initiative responsable.

Be part of our responsible and eco-friendly travel! "Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others, it is the only means"

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The Green Trip, une initiative responsable.



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First of all, who are we? Marie, 24 and Flore 23, two French students in Master Marketing (IGR Business School, Britany).  Driven by a desire to travel the world, we have decided to take a gap year before finishing our master’s program. After one semester at university in Asia and Europe, we decided to come to Australia. There you go. Since the beginning of the year we have lived in Manly (Sydney). Marie is doing an internship at Little Frenchy and Flore does various jobs.








One of Australia's greatest treasures is its unique and diverse range of flora and fauna. It’s one of the many reasons people and ourselves visit this beautiful country. Nature is omnipresent in Australia. It’s the key to our satisfaction, and also our motivation to go hiking as often as possible.    However during our trips we have noticed the thoughtless actions of many visitors, adventurers and holidaymakers concerning the nature.    

Like the rest of the world, a serious issue to the Australian environment is the dumping of rubbish.





It’s important to know some facts about this issue:        





The world's smallest continent and largest island, Australia is a land of dreams for travelers.  But Australia is turned into a rubbish dump by travelers who leave waste behind. That's what led to the creation of The Green Trip. We have decided to take a direct action! But how to make a big and positive difference?  By setting a positive example for others to follow!         



A new project is born. We will set a good example by doing a “responsible and eco-friendly travel” in Australia during two months (July and August 2015). Our goal is to make the travelers aware of the importance of conserving a clean and intact environment.

We have two assignments: taking action by cleaning up and spreading the word.




Well? Together we can make a difference.This project is open to all volunteers. We want to organize community clean-up during our travel. By encouraging backpackers and travelers to join us, we can have a bigger impact on the environment.            

'"The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones". - Confucius.  




Our main aim is to raise people awareness on preservation concerns to set a good example. We will share our project, our daily actions on our website and by using third-party social media such as Facebook and Instagram.  We already created a hashtag #keepozclean to build a online community. We want to take pictures before and after of beautiful places which turned into "a rubbish dump" to touch people’s hearts. This way, we would like to encourage people to follow our action.




The main goal of this project is to help preserve our beautiful planet for generations to come. Our motivation is that travelers care about the planet and join our movement. So The Green Trip’s next challenge will be to create a responsible travel e-book. This guide book will provide some tips and recommendations for a responsible travel in Australia: how to recycle and where, how to reduce waste, etc… With this guidebook, travelers could travel in a responsible way and have a positive impact on the Australian environment.




We choose to hire a campervan to travel. It is an affordable and practical way to travel in Australia. The van will be “our home”, for two months.   The campervan isn’t the best environmentally-friendly alternative however we can reduce our environmental impact by using the best practices, like sharing our van with other travelers.  

At the moment, we are contacting companies and organizations in order to find solutions (roof boxes, bins…) and get advice for our project. We have also planned our itinerary. You can find it with the major cities, below. But our goal is to stop in polluted places and sites. So, for more information about our itinerary and our stops, please visit our website        




Our clean-up expedition will take place from the 1st of July to the 31th of August. During these 2 months, we will drive about 10 000 km across Australia.       





Waar dient de collecte voor

Why we launch a crowdfunding campaign for our project?   


We will run a part of the project using our own funds but we can’t cover all the costs. It’s a tool to promote our project on a larger scale and involve people “today for tomorrow”, so it’s the best option for our project.


What about the surplus fund? 


Thank you! If that happens, we will use it for the community clean-up. We also commit to donating of our surplus (the fund not used for the project) to a good cause.


Our Budget




We need you, as the planet needs you!  




For further information:


Facebook Instagram - Google + - Pinterest - Twitter


FAQ Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask us directly via



Our partners    



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