The jUKebox festival

Help launching the first jUKebox festival, a day to discover the best of independent British music!

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The jUKebox festival



On 4th JULY 2015, some will celebrate American Independence Day. For us, it will be the DAY OF BRITISH MUSIC!


The « jUKebox festival » will be a one day festival held in Paris, where at least 5 artists will play on stage.


Before we reveal their identities, let us introduce ourselves : 




We are Elodie (right) and Nathalie (left), two huge music fans, especially British and American music.

Our goal is to introduce the world, and French audiences in particular, to artists who have our hearts (and our ears.)


Our latest favorites come from the UK!


Headphones on, ready, listen!

























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If we end up having more money than what we've asked for, we'll be able to move into a bigger place and have more people enjoy this amazing day!

Do you want more music? The extra money will allow us to expand the lineup ! (Yes, we have more gems in our playlists)

Finally, if, as we expect, this event is a success, any money that will not be spent will allow us to start working on the next one!


We thank you in advance for your help in making this event an outstanding one!

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