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Support this project and promote this wonderfully odd sport!Help create a worldwide slackliners community, a large spots and lines database!

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The little SlackBook, a simple solution to find Where, When and with Who to slackline!


  > Concretly, what's ?


- A fair amount of discovery allows you to find with fews clicks where to slackline thanks to the geolocalisation of slackline session spots. Discover or add new spots and lines!  


- A source of motivation and meetings

With, easily meet new slackliners, from everywhere, with different culture and slackline practices. Slackline with other fellows to keep yourself motivated all year long.  


- A simple and efficient way to organise slackline sessions

Whether you are a serial slackliner, a professional coach, or a sunday-slackliner... allows you to organize and easily share slackline session in groups. Nothing easier, post a "Slackline Call" on the public timeline to invite other slackliners to join you in a given spot at a given time! You can filter as well slackline call taking place at your favorite spots.


- Facebook connection

If you are using FB to connect you can post your slack session call directly to your favorite FB slackline group.


Please check this youtube channel for more details:


You can add new lines and attached them to a spot














"SlacklinersMap" shows in a map all the slackliners that have fill in their home address in their profile.






"Live Session Map". This feature will allow you to see the slackliners that have started a slackline session near you. But you need the mobile app for this to work. And I am looking for experienced people living in Paris to help me develop a new version of my mobile app et enhance the front-end and user-experience. Please contact me at my email:





Discover other features and support this Slackline project !!

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> Cool, but what's the price? 


Registration is completly free and allows you to access a complete and detailed list of spots, lignes, slackline calls and all the other features of!    


Waar dient de collecte voor

The cost for a year is made up fo the following:


- 200e for web hosting 

- 50e for web site referencement and marketing

- 10e KissKissBankBank takes 5% on the total donation + bank comissions/bank transaction


Some stuffs are financially quantifiable, others aren't. But to run the shop, 3 things are required: finances, time and passion.   


So far was developed with little finance but hundreds thousands hours of work, 1000 cups of coffees, 20 boxes of aspirins, 10 tubes of erasing rings and bags, hundreds/thousands hours of slackline privation... But today I'd like to realize this projet and for this to happen, I need YOUR HELP!  


Thanks to your donation, I will be able to get the necessary amount of money to go on a dedicated web server (more robust and faster), to carry on the web site host for 1 more year.


If you cannot donate, no problem but you can simply share this page around you and make known    


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