In Northern Europe, thousands of years ago, an old warrior was wandering from village to village looking for potential apprentices.

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     My name is Marius Baras, I am from Romania, Eastern Europe.

     I’m presenting you “THE SONG OF THE YOUNG WOLF”, the 1st volume of the “GHOSTBRINGER” fantasy saga.



     The story will extend over at least 4 volumes, the intrigue requiring an ample description of the events of the characters world and I’m sure it will be a well-received saga if I had your support to translate this first volume in English. 

     I already published on my own a small edition in Romanian (300 copies) and I have a very good feed-backs from my first line of readers. But an English translation of the book will give me the chance to reach more readers than in my own country, allowing me to properly promote and sell this book.



     I manage to raise some money to pay an English translator and he began to translate my book. Since now he finished the prologue and the first 7 chapters, but the book have 18 chapters and an epilogue, so there is a lot of it so I could finally have the full volume translated.


     Here you can read the first 3 chapters of the book (78 pages) translated into English.


     Of course in the end an English editor will revise the whole book. Unfortunately I can't pay the translator more than I already did. That's why I need your help.


Working on the book campaign

     I worked so hard on this campaign. I made the drawings myself, I composed the music for the teaser, I assisted the video editing and the translation of the first 16th pages of the book. I even recorded the voice-over of the teaser because I wanted to do it myself, to personalise it, to be the narrator that tells you bits of the story, to act as if I were an invisible character in my own book. And I liked it a lot. 

     Honestly, I wanted to share my believes and to show my passion as an artist. Preparing this campaign was an extraordinary experience, believe me, and I'm glad I can offer you interesting perks.  


     Also I’m grateful to all my friends that helped me during the process: Elvis Ciurariu, Răzvan Malciu, Andrei Ududec, Paul Năsăudeanu, Costin Beizadea, Patricia David and Adrian Stavian.

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     Writing a book is no easy task. But, however difficult it may be, the most difficult part is for it to reach its readers. The entire editing process and, in my case, the English translation is the hard part. Because of the limited literary market in my country I want to be able to translate the volume in English to reach an appropriate market and increase my chances as a writer. Translating and editing a book is not cheap at all, regarding the difficulty of the process. And I have a 142.000 words volume (approx. 450-475 pages). I made huge efforts to pay the translator so far but I wasn't able to pay the whole amount for it. That is why I rely upon your good will. Every donation will bring me closer to my goal. 


If you like this project but are unable to contribute financially to the campaign, you can still help by letting your friends know about it on social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.), for which I thank you in advance.





I thank you all for your contribution and your support. Best regards.

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