The Spicy Tour 2018

Join our genuine Flex ! Be part of Curry Wurst's first musical tour from Paris to Toulouse ! Launch April 24th !

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The Spicy Tour 2018

Curry Wurst, what is it ?



CW is our music band : Electro, Chill with Groovy sounds + Spicy lyrics. To sum up : Random musical vibrations for a genuine Flex !


We are three friends (Raphaël, Aurélien, Quentin) knowing each other for several years. We are not aiming for great success, but we rather try to create something we really like and that we can proudly share. And if it works? Well, it's great! Because the first pleasure is creation, and the second is the positive feedback from people who support us.



Our Project ?


We officially launched our YouTube channel "Curry Wurst Music" in January 2018. Do not hesitate to listen to our first songs and watch our first videoclip.


As we are very motivated, we challenged ourselves to go on a music tour across France to share our songs. The Spicy Tour 2018 was born !


After a first concert in Paris on April 24th, we'll hit the road to Toulouse stopping by friendly places where we have detected good vibrations. All the details of the tour are on our social networks.


But we have a problem! The tires of our van are flat and we need equipment to make a videoclip of our tour. So we'd like to ask you to contribute to our controlled madness !



By the way, why Curry Wurst ?


The curry wurst is this German meal, an unlikely mix of ingredients that normally do not fit together. We found this interesting. We thought it was a nice comparison: a mix of different influences that, once mixed, makes a fine combination that we want to share : something a bit original and spicy.



CW likes: conviviality, unlikely musical meetings, those who support you in your madness, craft beer, photo booths, dinosaur-shaped helium balloons


CW doesn’t like: when there is no fun, routine, negativity, not to have a project in the next 6 months



Our first songs are available on our YouTube channel "Curry Wurst Music":






Waar dient de collecte voor

The Spicy Tour 2018 includes at least 6 concerts across France and a video clip !


We optimize all expenses (Van Rental, Accommodation, Parking, Fuel, Food, Video equipment) but we still need you to make our project alive !

Video clip + Video montage : 300€

Accommodation + Food : 200€

Van rental + Fuel : 500 €


We thank you in advance for your support (financial participation - smiles - messages on social networks) and we would be glad to see you on the road of the Spicy Tour 2018 !


Legal Notice : Curry Wurst will collect all the donations.


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