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The Sunday Charmers - Album

One year after they released their first E.P. « These Golden Summers », the Belgium-based pop-rock band The Sunday Charmers is starting to pave its way on the Belgian stage. Initially formed by two brothers : Etienne (voice/guitar) and Florian, the band is soon enough joined by Morgan on drums, all bounded together since childhood by the desire to make the music they truly want to play and listen to. 



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Even before the release of their E.P. in 2016, the band had rapidly gained interest because of its pretty intense live performances. Among these performances, two of them will especially be noticed at the Nuits Botanique, in 2015 and 2016. 



© Lara Herbinia 


Their E.P. « These Golden Summers » will later on confirm a colored musical style which is inspired by 60’s and 70’s music, but which is also greatly tainted of modernity, alternating between rhythmic melodies on one hand and melancholic melodies on the other. 



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More experienced after the time spent in the studio for their 1st E.P. « These Golden Summers », 

The Sunday Charmers want to get to the next step with an album which would better illustrate the gain in maturity that has occurred since the beginning of the band. And to do so, they would like to work with Charles De Schutter (-M-, Superbus, …), a renowned sound engineer who would bring a much higher dimension to the project. 


Here you can find a preview of one of the songs from the upcoming album. Enjoy!



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The collect will be used to record the entirety of the album at Rec'n'roll Studios, which includes : 


- Sound recording : 2000 €

- Mixing : 2000 €

- Mastering/Counterparts : 1000 €


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