The unexpected Haitian Blossom

5 YEARS... RECONSTRUCTING ! Experience it !

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The unexpected Haitian Blossom

There are two sides to every book and most of us have seen the dark side of Haiti's history. I humbly and proudly want to show you the brighter side through my project entitled: 3RD SEASON: The unexpected HAITIAN Blossom!




HAITI, 5 Years Reconstructing!


What happened during those years? Any changes? I mean real changes? YES!!! There has been visible progress, but of course, a lot still needs to be done! Let's be among the optimist ones! I believe that by focusing on the positive we will attract more positive situations.


Through my non-profit organization, Académie-Anne-Lamercie-Cédat, whose mission is to give access to education and well being through the arts, my team and I put together a few activities to help kids in Haiti regain their self confidence despite an underprivileged situation. With the project '' Je me souviens Haiti '' we wanted the children to understand that no matter what the outside situation was, it didn't change the skills that they possessed and could apply them to improve their situation. We had the children of École Nationale Sans Souci de Milot make a calendar with 12 drawings and 12 texts of their own imagination reflecting their true love for their country, even after a major natural catastrophe.


This project made me realize that positive changes start within the mind and then get materialized.


But it doesn't stop there! It will take years for Haiti to get back on its feet and as a history teacher and independent artist I will continue to contribute to the reconstruction any way I can.  I now put my heart and soul into my current project 3rd Season: The unexpected Haitian Blossom, to promote the beauty of Haiti, not only in the visible progress after 5 years, but also the beauty of the tradition and its ancestry



Here's a videoclip of one of our projects with kids :

WORKSHOP : Haiti and Gwada Rhythm 









Let me introduce myself and tell you about my REAL motivation!


I am a young Haïtian woman, singer song writer, born in Montreal Canada. I graduated from the University of Manitoba in Canada with a Bachelor of Arts in Education. I taught history to high school students; obviously, I must have acquired a lot of knowledge about history... yeah right! In fact, I knew little about my home, Haïti.


That fact disturbed me deeply for many years because as Cicero would say, “Who knows only his own generation remains always a child." Therefore, I had to take a step back to discover the TRUE me, though my passion. Just like Haïti, I was reconstructing! It took me years of research, determination, and meeting people from all over the world to grow and to start recognizing the beauty, the courage, and exploits of my ancestors. I was invited to Paris at UNESCO’s 7th Youth forum to give a presentation for the opening ceremony, about the importance of education, followed by a musical performance. I had the crowd sing a few words in Creole without them really understanding what they were saying, but the energy was palpable, and only then I started to really understand my mission with clarity.


Performing @ UNESCO in Paris






People feeling the vibes @ UNESCO





Now the day has come for me to put all the pieces together. It's a brand new Season! A season of rebirth and abundance that gave birth to my new album.



This album is a reflection of my Haïtian roots mixed with my North American, Canadian culture. This album is to pay tribute to Haïti, its beauty and its history through traditional rhythm, embraced by my soul singing.


I'm thrilled to present it to you.....soon :-)


Here's a demo version of a song that will be on the album 3rd SEASON, The unexpected Haitian Blossom : LOWE LOWAI




And if you wonder what I look like on stage here's a video :-)


Sharing some good vibes on stage between Canada and Brussels :




Now let me tell you more about my  Haitian inspirations.


I'm born in Canada and raised with the Haitian culture. This will be reflected in my new album. And this new musical chapter is also a good opportunity for me to pay tribute to great Haitian Women ambassadors / artists such as : Emeline Michel our Haitian musical Queen who is so generous with her art and Toto Bissainthe our legendary singer.


In the whole album there will be a cover of one of her powerful song : Soufle Van. I will perform this song with my reality, my story, my soul, my vibe and respect the traditional feeling and the powerful message of the composer.


Have a listen ! Give me your feedback !








I'm so blessed to work with Musician, producer, recording engineer and instrumentalist Kwame Yeboah. He is from Ghana, Africa and currently based in London, UK.  His experience with afro traditional music and modern music will be a key element to my new album.  

Having toured and worked with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Omar, Shaggy, Another Level, Ken Boothe, Tom Jones and many more, Kwame is currently a member of the Supowers working and touring with Sierra Leonean-German Reggae/Soul artist Patrice Bart-Williams as well as Cat Stevens´s Roadsters.


Take a look at his website




I'm so grateful to have a traditional Haitian vodoo percussion master on the album Mr Adjabel Atissou Loko. Not only he masters so many traditional Haitian rhythm he has the ability to mix them with a modern sound that makes it accessible for anyone who would like to discover. Here's a videoclip to enjoy the crossroad between the tradition and modernity.





What a great team ! I'm really blessed to have them on my musical project !


Here's few pictures of my musicians on stage ( Bass, Guitar, percussions & drums and me ;-)


Guitar : Désiré Somé

Bass : Pat Calvin

Drums/ Percs- 1 : Leonid Hernandez

Special guests percussions : Lama Moisés


@ Festival Couleur Café in Brussels





Bar du Matin in Brussels







@ Bazaar in Brussels





Waar dient de collecte voor

The recording of an album!




Your contribution will allow me to achieve my mission:


1- To make people feel great about themselves with my music and lyrics


2- To promote Afro, Caribbean culture and its modernity worldwide.




Through your support you will actually participate to replenish the beauty of a wonderful country and you will be part of the reconstructing. This album is 12 tracks promoting traditional Haitian percussion rhythm mix with soul music. It's my quest in finding the meaning of my history and promoting cultural diversity.



Here's a breakdown of the total cost of the album project :


- studio session, mix and mastering : 7,000 euros

- musicians, Haitian percussion master fees: 4,000 euros

- Cd artwork : 500 euros

- Cd duplication : 1500 euros

- videoclip promo : 3,500 euros



TOTAL :  16,500 euros


7,000 euros is missing to complete the budget. Let's make it happen together and THANKS for your support !


Your Afro Soul Singer,










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