Jazz mixed with hip/hop, rock, classical music...The Album "Mixtape of Impromptu" was recorded in New York in March 2012, and is the result of many years of work. With your help, this album will be out in July/August 2012.


Het project van A tot Z











Dear friends,


After some years of working, thinking, and waiting, I decided this year to record my first album as a leader.


I wanted to answer to the question « Who am I ? » by trying to write compositions that would fit me and represent my past.


I didn’t want to neglect the musical influences that I had since my childhood, and that’s why you’ll hear a music where Jazz is mixed with hip/hop, rock or even classical music.


To record that album I had the chance to have some amazing musicians that I also appreciate a lot on a human level :


Shai Maestro (piano and fender rhodes)

Gilad Hekselman (guitar)

John Ellis (saxophone and bass clarinet)

Chris Smith (acoustic bass and electric bass)



I had also with me some special guests, that I really appreciate on the same level :


Meak (rap) and Athena Campanella (vocals) – who happens to be my sister !


The album was recorded on the 23rd of March 2012 at « System Two Studios » in New York, and was mixed and mastered by Philippe Gaillot at « Studio Recall », in the south of France (Pompignan).



The voices were recorded at « Zac Sound » by Zacharie Ouachekradi in Chartres (near Paris, France).


At this point, to put the album out, I need a little help from you guys (see details below).


You can hear extracts of the album on this page or on my website :





Video filmed and made by: Naomi Rahamefy

Interview assistant: Michaël Marion

Photograph avatar:  Sarah Naulet

Hier dient het geld voor...



The overall cost is close to 7000 euros and most of it was already paid but there is still a need of 1500 euros to put the album out.

The collected funds will allow to pay :


- A part of the mastering (500 euros)

- The cd’s duplication (1000 euros)


Tim Campanella

Tim Campanella est un batteur / compositeur originaire du sud de la France (entre Nice et Antibes), établi au cours de ces dernières année à Amsterdam, New York, et maintenant Paris. En mars 2012 il enregistra à New York “Mixtape of Impromptu” son premier album en tant que leader, où figure des compositions, des reprises de standards et arrangement... Meer bekijken

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Bonne chance pour ton projet et pour les autres à venir ! À très bientôt, que Dieu te bénisse ! bisous !!! *Missy Drey*
Super projet : continuez les gars!
Tim. Même si personne n'y croit, moi oui ! Non, blague à part, tous mes encouragements pour ce début de carrière, en te souhaitant le maximum de plaisir et d'épanouissement ! La bise !