Tim Uriac - First Country/Pop album

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Tim Uriac - First Country/Pop album

Singer songwriter, since his 13th birthday Tim would like to create his first Country / Pop album because this genre has always fascinated him.

He writes about his life, love and hope. Perfectionist, he tries to stay as professional as possible. With more than 200 songs written, he wants to achieve his goal, succeed in his career and must start a career to succeed.

By helping him you could get discounts for products on his site or VIP seats for his concerts or to see concerts specially for you.

His fans are his friends and he can never thank them enough.

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Having long researched on how to produce his music and how to make it profitable, he spent a long time training in music marketing while continuing to write and compose his music, but still not finding a label for the music. So he needs help to finance his first album because it is almost impossible to make profitable.

Present on social networks and having his own website, his youtube channel, and his online store, you can contact him whenever you want

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