Summer Rain

Transcend Research is pleased to present you its new audiovisual production.

Project visual Summer Rain
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Summer Rain

Synopsis : Between melancholy and escape, Safian needs to find himself in this world that does not correspond to him. He embarks on a journey whose destination he does not know, discovering himself little by little. Between lake, mountain and city, the shooting will take place in the beautiful city of Geneva. Moodboard : Projects completed : After 1 year of existence, Transcend Research, which aims to develop artistic projects in all its forms, needs you The team :

Allocation of funds

Today we are trying to finance a project that is very close to our hearts. In its most basic version, this video is only a clip aiming at developing the image and the universe of the singer, Safian. We are aiming for this video to go beyond that, bringing it closer to a short film by creating a story. After more than 5 months of work, we are almost there. However, our project is blocked for the moment because of the financing of the project. Concretely, the whole team has already invested 2000€ covering part of the technical costs (camera, light, film...). These 2000€ that we wish to obtain would be especially to finance all the logistics of the project (Tickets of trains/planes + truck with the material), the remainder of the technical equipment as well as the scenographic installation.


A BIG thank you !


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A BIG thank you from the whole Transcend Research team.

Estimated delivery: May 2022

Your name in the credits !


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You will have your name in the credits of the video! As well as a big thank you from the whole team of Transcend Research

Estimated delivery: May 2022

The BTS printed photos of the clip + access to Safian discord group !


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You will receive a selection of the best photos from the backstage shooting! As well as your name in the credits of the video.

Estimated delivery: May 2022

Personal rating + a discount for a free concert ticket for a future show


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You will have access to all the previous advantages as well as a personal note from us and a specific code for a concert ticket of a future Safian show.

Estimated delivery: May 2022

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