Transylvanie electric tour

Transylvania with Electric vehicules with zero emissions

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Transylvanie electric tour

A road trip through Europe in zero emission Electric Vehicles. Prove that mobility in an electric vehicle exists.

An experience of promoting the zero emission vehicle through 9 countries Germany, The Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, within Europe .

Steps to discover manufacturers of electric vehicles.

1st stage manufacturer VE Munich Sonomotors

2nd Stage Visit Skoda Prague

3rd Stage Mobiliti charging service Hungary

4th stage manufacturer VE Bucharest

5 ° Stage manufacturer VE ZAgreb Croatia

Passionate about travel and cars, I have owned an EV for 4 years and have traveled 100,000km in an EV. Already an EV road trip to Moscow

The Facebook groups LFC, Mobilité Vehicules Electrique, TVE, Automobile Propre, the French Federation of VE FFAUVE users who follow me are very interested in EV experiences.

Waar dient de collecte voor

The collection will provide part of the costs of the four crews:

of stays: € 7,860

accommodation : € 5,535

electric vehicle charging  : 1960 €

Promotional items: 1600 €

Project Total : € 16,955

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