Be part of the change: help us to launch the Trench AA, a timeless raincoat, an heirloom piece. Be part of the Slow Fashion Movement!

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Atypique Atipico is an eco-design studio and consulting agency. Founded in 2010, the design team is formed by two sisters: Cristina and Sofia Linares Orellana.

AA works to find a balance between industry and craftsmanship. Our products, existing or new, respond to high level demands from an informed consumer and preservationist environmental norms in production.



















The Trench AA ruptures with present consumption habits and opposes Fast Fashion through smart design, ethical and sustainable production.


Respecting the environment and all those who participate in the production of the product are key elements of the project. The Trench AA is a unique piece, made to last through time with its high quality materials that integrate the circular economy and an After-Sales service that assures all repairs and reproofing.


In opposition to the bases of Fast Fashion, our strategy is to work on small-scale productions and to encourage thought-through consumption.




At the heart of the product is the customer and the interests of those who participate in the manufacturing. Offering an alternative to the current fashion, the Trench AA is a sustainable piece.












The Trench AA goes back to the classic basics made from noble fabrics that tells the story of those who made it.


Its design, a technical raincoat for women, composed of 3 elements:

-       the overcoat and main piece, the Trench AA

-       a printed and removable lining, the Doublure AA

-       a personalised and removable armless waistcoat, the Gilet AA


By the superposition of the 3 elements, the raincoat can be worn all year long.


Its timeless and seasonless style incorporates the practical details from men’s tailorship.


The Trench AA is a functional product that was thought out to facilitate the daily life of the woman who wears it. At the same time, it brings poetic charm with its lining and waistcoat.


Pragmatism and elegance cohabiting in one piece.














The Doublure AA is a platform to promote emerging artists. Every season a new selection of artists will be presented on a limited edition. From one panel printed on silk gabardine, one lining is made. Each lining is a numbered piece that has an exclusive design made for the Trench AA.


The reference lining which comes with the trench is made under the circular economy concept: the fabric is made of recycled materials (recycled PET). We at AA think all products should be .recycled








“[…] Though the work is aesthetically joyful and decorative, his use of repetition and unification through tonality also speaks to a certain aspect of conformity and monotony. He speaks about the work as a pictorial representation of consumer culture. During the digestion of each piece, the viewer cannot help but to see every figure as the same. The patterned pieces create a true sense of identity-less beings; as if to say that everyone is within the same cycle, drawn into the same pattern (if you will), and unlinked to any sense of individuality. However, Santiago Salvador Ascui’s work also draws an important question; when does the need to be different begin to silence the need to be the same? Despite the burden of a plastic society, perhaps the unification of all figures is actually, in a sense, a positive message”


Beautiful Decay, Oct.2015






Montage_doublure_artiste_2-1467296212   “Mauricio Contreras-Paredes is a young visual artist, whose work has emerged in Guatemala, Canada and Brazil. Today he lets us know about his magnificent work, what inspires him and where he wants to get through his paintings and sculptures.

[…] I am interested in non-visible, non-existent (probably imaginary) spaces and architectures such as those found in our dreams, our feelings, our memories. 

The fact that we can't interact with such space doesn't rule out its materiality in some other realm of existence. In fact, when we dream, we walk through places, we see monuments, we run through paths that have been somehow designed. When we remember something, we often remember the place where such memory happened, and such architecture has probably been confused, merged or altered altogether by our mind to create a new one."

Scoop Art, FEB.2015



The detachable Gilet AA is designed for a winter mode. This piece was also made using the circular economy concept.


Two versions will be available:

-       a waistcoat made from fabrics from a big French brand’s production: valorisation of end of roll fabrics too small to be used in their production.

-       a hand knitted waistcoat made from recycled French materials: the idea is to recycle all the Trench AA waste into this thread, when our quantities are enough for a production.


It is a “coupe bergère” style. It is made to be perfectly integrated between the lining Doublure AA and the overcoat Trench AA, this way the artist’s work can be shown.


For those who want to show the Gilet AA, it can also be personalized with hand embroidery. This option is available upon request.










Our product will be manufactured by the Swedish “atelier” I AM FASHION, made from European materials. I AM Fashion is a project for the professional and social reinsertion of Syrian migrants into Swedish society.












The Trench AA is an object that tells and integrates the stories of all those who have helped to manufacture it.


In order to make it water resistant, AA called upon a century-old know-how: hand crafted waxing.




This way a perfect balance is kept: lightness and flexibility by the natural wax on a twill/ gabardine. Through the hand waxed technique, the Trench AA can be reproofed and the client will always find the same finish.


Through time, as it is worn, the Trench AA acquires a unique patina.






This campaign could not have be made possible without the help of this fabulous team:




                              With the pro-bono help of Bluellow



Waar dient de collecte voor

The purpose is to fund our first press collection that we will show during Fashion Week in Paris, from September 27th to October 5th 2016.


Your contribution will allow us to:




1. MANUFACTURING BY “I AM FASHION” / 1200€: confectioning the Trench AA at the I AM FASHION workshop for professional and social reinsertion of Syrian migrants into the Swedish society. Swedish-Marroquin provider


2. DOUBLURE AA/ artists ‘lining and the base lining / 524€ :  printing the linings on their respective bases. French suppliers.


3. WATERPROOFING / artisanal waxing / 200€ : after manufacture, the overcoat is hand waxed. European provider.


4. BRANDING / labels and branded buttons /525€

- Launching the production of branded horn buttons, certified provenance from the agri-food sector and not from endangered species. French supplier.

-Printing our labels on a base made from recycled materials. French provider.


5. MEDIA SUPPORTS / flyers/ 100€: printing flyers for the professionals who come to the showroom. French supplier.


Which gives the total of approx. 2500€


Thank you for helping us make this beautiful project a reality!

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Our gratitude by personally thanking you on our Facebook page.
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Our gratitude by personally thanking you on our Facebook page + a handwritten note on an upcycled paper.
  • 2 backers
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Tote bag « I don’t go anywhere without my tote bag” made from a printed recycled material fabric / 25cm x 30cm + a handwritten note on upcycled paper (all transport fees included only for Metropolitan France)
  • 6 backers
  • Beschikbaarheid: 54/60
  • Geschatte levering december 2016


Small bag « full upcycling » : bag made from end of rolls /approx. 10cm x 10cm / closed by a knitted lace made from plastic bag thread, created as part of the CANASTAAA project + a handwritten note on upcycled paper (all transport fees included only for Metropolitan France)
  • 5 backers
  • Beschikbaarheid: 15/20
  • Geschatte levering februari 2017


An invitation to the Showroom during Fashion Week in Paris + our thanks in-person.
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  • Geschatte levering september 2016


A blouse on a « t-shirt » cut, made from a end of roll silk fabric + a handwritten note on upcycled paper (all transport fees included only for Metropolitan France) + an invitation to the Showroom during Fashion Week in Paris + our thanks in-person.
  • 1 backer
  • Beschikbaarheid: 19/20
  • Geschatte levering februari 2017


A blouse on a « t-shirt » cut, made in a white traditional Guatemalan fabric from Coban + a handwritten note on upcycled paper (all transport fees included only for Metropolitan France) + an invitation to the Showroom during Fashion Week in Paris + our thanks in-person.
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