TRINKET BOX - Eco-friendly real Flower Jewelry subscription box

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TRINKET BOX - Eco-friendly real Flower Jewelry subscription box

Trinket Box is a subscription box for all Flower & Nature lovers! Each month you will receive a handmade artisanal jewellery, made with responsibly handpicked native French flowers, fungi and foliage.  The flowers are delicately arranged and eternalised within high quality natural resin, using responsibly foraged natural wild flowers, fungi & foliage.

My fascination with flowers, nature and art, started as a child. The flowers & sweet scents from my mom's garden are my most precious first memories. As I grew older, so did my desire to forage, preserve and make beautiful art and designs with both fresh and pressed flowers, fungi and foliage.

When I was 18, I came across some extraordinary feminine haute-couture gowns with exquisite floral embroidery. So, I moved to Paris, to study haute-couture, ultra-luxury fashion and I wanted to integrate my passion for flowers into my couture creations.

After, I graduated as a fashion and textile designer, I moved to the South of France and was deeply touched by the magnificent plants,flowers and the natural scene. I started handpicking and preserving the flowers. One day, I came across the art of resin and voila! I knew what I wanted to create. I started educating myself thoroughly and experimented different techniques and designs and finally came up with a collection of 50 pieces, in May 2018.

I received enormous appreciations from women around me, who shared similar love for flowers and gardening. I started creating bespoke pieces with their personal flowers from special occasions, wedding flowers or flowers of their choice in addition to my own creations. Each piece is unique, handmade and requires weeks of preparation, special expertise that I acquired through several experiments, experience,attention to detail & design from my education in haute-couture. So, the price for each piece starts from 55€ for simple design and could go up to 2500€ depending on material and customisation.

Many of my clients love the deigns, the concept, but they were not able to afford them often. To make these pieces of art more accessible and available, I came up with the idea of Trinket Box, which is available only for 29,99€ / month and additional perks like 50% discounts for bespoke and sophisticated pieces.  

Waar dient de collecte voor

If this campaign runs successfully, I will use the 45% funds to purchase higher quality material like 14K or 18K gold filled chains, a new flower press, etc., to provide higher quality pieces for the subscribers. I will use 35% of funds for re-branding and making everything minimalist, in order to focus on the jewellery and new packaging supplies like jewellery care cards, certificate of authenticity, microfibre jewellery pouches, etc.,. I will use 12% of funds for marketing and PR on Instagram.

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