Trip in Armenia - Video Shooting and Recordings

Kaya prepares a trip in Armenia in order to direct videos for her songs in Armenian. She wrote two songs that she will shoot in the borders.

Project visual Trip in Armenia - Video Shooting and Recordings
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Trip in Armenia - Video Shooting and Recordings

Kaya prepares a trip in Armenia in order to direct videos for her songs in armenian. She wants to take back contact with her roots as a young woman, emancipated from her family, and share the trip with her friends for work and creation. She wrote two songs, Ov em Ies? that means Who am I? And Marymer that signifies Our Mother. The first song is a depiction of the quest of identity in the diasporas all around the world. For the video, Kaya thought about filming Armenians in their daily crafts, artists, farmers, etc, in a documentary feeling, to make a tribute to this millennial culture and those who take care of it with great passion. Being very moved by the situation in the high Kharabagh, she also desires to shoot in the azerian borders, searching for witnesses and story to tell so no one forgets. The second titles Mayrmer is much more poetic, it talks about love, connexion to the nature and others beings, to the elements, to God, our Mother in the skies, making the traditional Hayrmer, Our Father, feminine, which is the most famous armenian and christian prayer. For this video she imagined to shoot the ancestral temples that are still present in Armenia, the mountains, the churches, the lake Sevan. Both songs include a tail in French, so the French audience can understand her intentions.

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The money will help me and my team, travel and live during the work there. And also pay for the shoots, the sessions in the studio, and the travels within the country. It will also let me pay my team and the people that will participate on the project. This is a project that is very important to me and i hope you will help me make it come true. thank you so much.


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Pour une donation de 100 euros, je mettrais votre nom en crédit dans le clip et l'EP réalisés durant le voyage !

Estimated delivery: July 2022



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Pour une donation de 15 euros, je vous propose de vous remercier en vous envoyant une photo dédicassée de mon dernier clip Who we are, qui sortira prochainement.

Estimated delivery: May 2022

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Pour une donation de 45 à 100 euros, vous recevrez une pierre reccueillie et magnétisée par mes soins sur les plages du sud et de Bretagne.

Estimated delivery: May 2022

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