tristotrojka (303) magazine

Architecture, art and design - all wrapped up in 100 pages of free student magazine.

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tristotrojka (303) magazine

Tristotrojka is the first student-edited architectural magazine in Sarajevo.   


Since it already has writers, fans and readers from almost every major city on Western Balkans, Tristotrojka is becoming a platform for collaboration for all Balkan students of architecture, art and design and young professionals but also for those interested in these topics.



'tristotrojka' first issue, March 2014.


The magazine is not in English, but it will be next year.  So far, two issues are out and third one is being prepared. Tristotrojka is partly funded with private donations from students and architects, and it is in constant financial problems since it has been free and add-free so far. 


Tristotrojka is can be found on the faculties of architecture, art and design and architectural studios all over the Balkans - in Sarajevo, Banjaluka, Tuzla, Mostar, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Podgorica, Zagreb, Split, Niš, Ljubljana, Skoplje, and even in Vienna. Or you can read it online.


For online reading visit


Reviews of the first issue:




Promotion of the first issue, presentation of the idea and exhibition of 303 posters.

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1513184_610025909082277_8131522875884895207_n-1409696161Tristotrojka presented at Collegium Artisticum exhibition - few Tristotrojka printed editions along with a 303 poster made from articles about architecture, art and design.

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Tristotrojka presentation at Days of Architecture 2014

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Promotion of the second issue + ArhiLektura - discussion with influential professionals, young architects and students about construction in Sarajevo, based on topics and articles from the magazine.

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Tristotrojka is not just a FREE magazine, but also ADD-FREE which means it does not generate income. 


All of the students writing these articles and everyone involved in producing a 100-colour-page-magazine is working for free. All of the donations collected is for printing and expenses.  We want to keep it that way as long as we can.


So, your generous contribution will allow us to print next issue, and to keep alive this great idea that is bringing us all together, from freshmen to established architects.



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