How do you meet people while you're traveling?

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Where did the idea come from?

Have you ever tried to find someone who would be up for an evening on the beach in Bali, or a climbing companion in Australia and without success?

If you've been in a similar situation before, then it would appear that you also could have had the idea to create TRIWIME!


This platform will allow you to achieve your goal: meet people wherever you travel! 
Whether you're an experienced backpacker or episodic adventurer, solitary or a clan of friends, Triwime will allow you to find new travel mate when you need it!

A little secret about the origin of the name TRIWIME....

TRIWIME: Proper name. Contrast of three English words TRIP WITH ME.
TRIWIME is a way to find a travel partner with the same passions, projects, and desires as you.

Example of a situation: Tommy, was it on TRIWIME that you found Thomas for paragliding?

This project will take the form of a mobile application available on Ios and Android all over the world!

We suggest you to test the TRIWIME prototype, simply because a prototype is valued at more than thousand words!​

Try it by clicking here!

You were the first to manipulate our prototype!

Feel free to give us feedback in the comment section of the project or at this email address:

We will be able to integrate your suggestions into the specifications according to the amount collected!

Let's compare TRIWIME to what already exists for your trips!

Yes, there are applications to meet people for your travels. But these applications do not have the same objective, or the same efficiency as TRIWIME.

TRIWIME proposes you to meet new people on specific criteria such as your hobbies and your personality, depending on where you are located.

Travelers around you will be contacting you because you wish to carry out the same activities as them!

Points that give TRIWIME its strength:

- Geolocalized meetings
- Type of meetings
- A search tool thought for travelers
- You are in control of what you want to display in the application
- No unwanted advertising
- With each journey you undertake, you will be able to share moments with somebody who looks like you.

But who is behind TRIWIME?

We are a team that complements each other. Between the three of us, we have visited a large part of the continents on earth! We are also enthusiastic about travel and technology!

Our favorite moments during a journey are simple:
A small local beer, ( be careful with alcohol abuse!), new person with whom to exchange experiences in strange place, then appreciate that we have common points and schedule something for each other!



Without forgetting you. Because this project is ambitious, because this project is nothing without you, know that we consider you as part of the TRIWIME adventure.

The Aventure has already started, pre-registration link on

(Already more than 1,500 pre-registered!)

How will TRIWIME continue to connect you to the world after it's launch?

The answer to this question in the following category! 


Waar dient de collecte voor

TRIWIME will allow you to easily find a travel mate when it is launched in March 2020. 

You can use application for your next summer vacation!

Several levels of funding to be reached, which will allow the most complete application possible as soon as it is released.

The first step helps us to:

- Create on Android and IOS application that will allow you to take advantage of most important features

- Sponsored ads on Facebook and Instagram over 60 days

The second step helps us to:

- Create an application with more functionalities for your greatest pleasure

- Sponsored ads on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube

- Advertising content produced by professionals

The objective that allows us to carry out all our projects concerning TRIWIME. Above this objective it's a bonus for us and you!

With this you allow us to realize:

- Optimal application for your travel

- Advertising carried out by professionals for a definite efficiency

- Even more attractive usage rates for you

- Interesting contests and partnerships for your travels


For any further questions please contact us at this email address:

We thank you once again for taking your time to discover our project.

We trust you to make TRIWIME the first travel application!

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