Troisième album de Ron Moor "UPSIDE DOWN"

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Troisième album de Ron Moor "UPSIDE DOWN"


We are Ron Moor, an Alternative / NuGaze Rock band from La Roche-sur-Yon, France.

After two albums to our credit, in 2019 we embarked on a new artistic adventure. This adventure quickly turned out to be daring and ambitious. Indeed, for this album "UPSIDE DOWN", we decided to free ourselves from any label or record company, and to make everything by ourselves. From composition to mixing, through recording, we took the risk of locking ourselves in our little home studio, at home, in La Roche-sur-Yon, on our own. This artistic decision was not without danger because at that time we had very little technical knowledge about recording, mixing, and all the techniques of sound engineering. With a lot of work and learning, we managed to finalize the mix of this album at the end of 2020 despite the difficulties.

But to finalize this new stage of our artistic journey, we need you. If you choose to support us, you will give us the opportunity to release our third album "UPSIDE DOWN" in the best possible conditions. In addition, we really want to involve you in this project which is very close to our hearts. In exchange for your involvement, you will receive both minimal and original rewards, from CDs to vinyl to a limited edition photo book. But whatever your involvement, we are extremely grateful to you.


May 2019. Ultra-Catholic students perpetrate homophobic acts in the heart of La Roche-sur-Yon. It was on this ground of intolerance that Upside Down, Ron Moor's third album, was born.

Wishing to maintain total artistic independence, it only took Ron Moor a few months to compose, write, record and mix, all at home, this new opus of twelve titles decidedly more engaged and more powerful than its predecessors.

Far from falling into primary anti-clericalism, Upside Down nonetheless paints a gloomy portrait of a sinking society, beset by religious and political extremism. In this concept album, Ron Moor intelligently draws on his Judeo-Christian roots to deliver a message of respect and tolerance.

After two critically acclaimed albums (Starshine in 2013 and Youth in 2018), Ron Moor delivers with Upside Down a clever mix of hard rock, polished melodies and uneasy ambient music, affirming even more his influences: Alter Bridge, Nine Inch Nails, Tool or even Placebo.

Throughout Upside Down, Ron Moor proves that a rock album can, in addition to being sonically powerful, reveal strong emotions and demonstrate intelligence, whether in lyrics, music and even whole concept.

Alternating powerful rock titles with unstoppable choruses (Gethsemane, Daymoon, Ultraviolence, Happiness), moving electronic songs (For This, Octavia, Sorry Now, The Best Ever Enemies) and artistic experiments resulting from his doctoral research in the Aramaic language and in stochastic music (Sons Of God, Ave Maria, Resilience), Ron Moor offers us here a complete work, sometimes confusing, but always honest and authentic.

Very far from the current clichés of mainstream music, although very effective, very far from the blandness of recent texts, very far from the artistic conformism of the 2020s, Upside Down stands out as an Unidentified Musical Object, both disturbing, intriguing and personal. Ron Moor is part of the lineage of committed, self-confident songwriters who reflect their time with this album.

Uncompromising, authentic and liberated, Upside Down is undoubtedly Ron Moor's most accomplished album, both in substance and in form. An entire work of a complete and multidisciplinary artist. An album to listen to. Attentively. Definitely.



Quelques extraits de chroniques du deuxième album "Youth"

« Ron Moor is back with his own recipe of crunchy guitars, heavy rhythms, overloaded arrangements but above all his lyrical soaring, solos and melodies to whistle all day. Muse before going overboard, Meat Loaf without overbidding or playing the piano. ... Darker than its predecessor, 'Youth' is gaining strength. Soon the stadiums? » Rolling Stone

« Those who claim that today we don't know how to make alternative rock as good as before, must be disbelieved in the face of Ron Moor anyway. And it is not just the nostalgic who will have joy here. » Hellfire

« An instrumental daring, which while banishing any lukewarmness, will unreservedly delight the most daring ears. Let's not hesitate to say it, this 'Youth' is a success. Focus on the music cause it's so worth it. » RockU

« a Youth all in variations, navigating between an aerial pop and a muscular rock quick to satisfy a rather large public. ... We can easily speak of a Ron Moor 'brand' » Among The Living

Waar dient de collecte voor

To date, we have already finalized a very large part of the stages for the release of Upside Down on our own funds from our last concerts.

Recording, mixing and mastering are now complete, but there is still pressing to finalize.

The expected collection of € 1,500 will allow us to finalize the album's budget.

Participation in CD and Vinyl pressing: 600 €

Participation in the promotion: 900 €

If the fundraising exceeds the amount requested, the additional funds will mainly be used for the promotion (the sinews of war ...) of Upside Down, whether for the written press or the radio, as well as for the participation in the costs related to the tour.

The funds raised will be donated to the M.M.Productions association, in charge of the management of Ron Moor project.

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