Tróttu - is a video, a concert, a research on divergence and non-linear thought. Join us!

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Tróttu is a video and music project by the artist Sofi Hémon and the musician Sandra Giura Longo. They work on combining the traditional and  contemporary world. Following the threads of contemporary art and music and weaving tradition, joining the common passion for Morton Feldman's music with the Sardinian textile tradition, the two artists want to create an unique musical and visual performance based on the Feldman’s work Crippled Symmetry.

Crippled Symmetry (1983) is a work by Morton Feldman (Brooklyn, NY, 1926 - Buffalo, NY, 1987) for flutes, glockenspiel/vibraphone and piano/celesta, inspired by the motives of the carpets   made by Anatolian nomadic tribes. Feldman himself tells us that he was fascinated by their 'crippled' symmetry (tróttu in sardinian language), contending that they are 'never mechanical, as I expected, but idiomatically drawn'. He   knew intuitively that the concept of ​​a-symmetric symmetry   would be the best frame for his musical materials, as they are not   subject to the limits of a system. He adopted this concept to embark on his personal quest for the "metaphysical place that is in all of us."

Sofi Hémon and Sandra Giura Longo propose to recreate this process, starting with a research on the patterns of Sardinian carpets and developing plastic and chromatic variations in some video images.




Sofi’s video will be projected in four tracks on a cubic structure made from semi-transparent screens ; inside the structure Sandra Giura Longo, Francesco Ciminiello and Silvia Corda will perform Crippled Symmetry. Musicians and listeners will be immersed in a colorful vibration crossed by a line inspired by the patterns and colours of sardinians carpets.

Weaving is often evoked as one of the first transcriptions of sound and word; as it is in music and in speech, the intersections between warp and weft create patterns according to a previous project. But for us (and for Feldman) shifts, distances and digressions from this linear process are inspiring : they create another space, allowing the exploration of different creative paths where necessity and unpredictability coexist.


Sandra Giura Longo               Silvia Corda               Francesco Ciminiello       Sofi Hémon 

(ph. David Green)


Waar dient de collecte voor

here the steps of our work, some of them already realized ...


Summer 2016 first trip to Sardinia - 5 days - 400 euros

Sandra's first contact with museums conservators and several weavers cooperatives. First visits accompanied by José Meloni and Silvia Corda.


Autumn 2016 second trip to Sardinia - 10 days - 1300 euros

Sandra and Sofi meet weavers, visit museums, meet and discuss with museum directors and conservators:

- University of Cagliari, Pilloni Collection, Cagliari

- Library of ISRE (Regional Ethnographic Institute), Nuoro

- Regional Ethnographic Museum, Citadel of Museums, Cocco Collection, Cagliari

- Ethnographic Museum, Nuoro

- Museum of Ulassai; meeting with the mayor and the weavers of the Cooperative «Su Marmuri»

- MARATE (Museo per l'Arte del Rame e del Tessuto) Museum, Isili

- MURATS (Museo Unico Regionale Arte Tessile Sarda) Museum, Samugheo

- Meeting with the weavers Barbara Cardia et Tommaso Lussu, Armungia

- Meeting with Wilda Scanu and the weavers of the Cooperative «Su Trobasciu», Mogoro

Alessandra Giura Longo, Francesco Ciminiello and Silvia Corda program the study of feldman score and rehearsals.


Summer 2017 third trip to Sardinia - 4 days - 300 euros

Sandra records the sounds of the looms of the cooperative «Su Trobasciu», Mogoro, Sardinia


Autumn 2017 Paris - 2 days - 200 euros 

Sandra meets the technician Paul Ka: first project for the structure and research of materials (aluminum and tulle)


Winter 2016 2017 - Atelier of Sofi Hémon, Paris - 2 months - 1.000 euro

Sofi creates 280 digital watercolors from the weavers schemes and from carpet patterns discovered in Sardinia. She meets the editor Pierre Hémon to talk to him about the project. Sofi creates many watercolors on paper from weavers schemes and from carpet patterns discovered in Sardinia.


Spring 2018 - Atelier of Sofi Hémon, Paris - 2 months - 1.000 euros

Experiments with colors and lights Searching for moving images


Summer 2018 - Atelier of Sofi Hémon and studio of Pierre Hémon, Paris - 3 months - 3.000 euros -

June / July: Sofi creates a video track of 1h30 (length of the piece Crippled symmetry) - August: Sofi give the material to Pierre - Pierre edits the video - Purchase of material and construction of the performance structure (44 meters aluminum tubes, 28 connections, 4 stands, 48 square meters of translucent tulle)


Autumn 2018 The performance will be premiered at the Signal Festival, Cagliari  


Your money will be paid on Sandra Giura Longo bank account and she will pay all expenses and work of  people involved in the project. 

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