Trusted jobs: create a better job market!

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Trusted jobs: create a better job market!

🔵  We spend half of our life at work. But today, 2 out of 3 people are disengaged or unhappy at work, 1 out of 4 workers get burnt out, and 1 out of 2 is actively looking to change job.

This affects both employees and employers. Some great companies understand that happier people are more productive. Some don't.

With Trusted Jobs, candidates can identify these great companies and get better jobs.


Our label “Trusted employers” does not depend on how much one company pays for visibility or reputation, but on how great its recommendation rate is, and if its work culture match with high standards. This label relies on those who knows best: employees.

🔵  The virtuous circle of Trusted Jobs

 We enable employees and former employees to review anonymously their work experiences.

 We encourage companies to improve their workculture, and communicate about it in the most credible way. They gain time and money recruiting fitting candidates, and avoid productivity loss, high turnover or bad reputation. is more than a job site. It is a community-based platform bringing transparency in the job market where candidates can now apply for jobs they trust.

📌 At first, we are launching Trusted Jobs in the EU affairs sector in Brussels before spreading it to the rest of Europe.

We need you to make Trusted Jobs a success!



🗣 SHARE: Would you recommend your job to a friend? How are the professional growth perspectives where you work ? The atmosphere? The salary? 

⏱ 5 minutes / 👤 Fully anonymous

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💶 FUND THE PROJECT: get a free drink, an invitation to our Brussels launch event, a CV check, a high-level individual training/coaching, and many others rewards!



Nicholas Wenzel, Pierre-Julien Bosser, Dasha Bespyatova, Alexandre Beddock, and Régis Pradal.

In 2013, we created InternsGoPro, a social enterprise shaping a more transparent and fairer job market. We first focused on interns' conditions before advocating for better working conditions for all. is the commercial branch of the NGO InternsGoPro. InternsGoPro does advocacy and civil society work ; Trusted Jobs supports companies in recruiting better and improving their work culture.



✅ The International Interns' Day


We initiated the International Interns' Day together with other key civil society actors to raise awareness about youth employment issues. What started as a gathering on Place Luxembourg in Brussels in 2013 now takes place in several countries across the world (Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Canada, Australia…), mobilising hundreds of people to develop innovative solutions and improve existing legislations.


✅ European Label for Best Internships 

We co-created the first European label for Best Internships together with more than 300 young people, a network of universities, 30 NGOs and employers in 6 countries. The label has been endorsed by European Commissioners as a standard of reference in Europe, and is used by many employers.

✅ Prizes from Forbes and the UN

Our different initiatives received the Forbes ’30 under 30’ Award for most promising social enterprise in Europe and we became laureate of the “Entrepreneurs for Social Change” programme of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations.

✅ EU funding and an European Standard for quality internships

We received EU funding to build an online rating system for internships across Europe, and  to develop by 2021, an official EU standard for quality internships. We are leading the creation of this standard together with the European Committee for Standardization, universities and employers. Our label is laying the groundwork for its development.

✅Training a happier & more engaged workforce

Since 5 years, we train and offer consulting to employers across Europe, promoting a more empowering work culture.


Waar dient de collecte voor

To make Trusted Jobs possible, we have worked over the past 6 months:

  • Website: coding the backend and beta-testing the user experience.
  • Research & Development: enriching our HR expertise and converting the Label for Best Internships into an online rating system.
  • Comms: events & comms actions to collect reviews.
  • Building an European community of partners to provide input into the project and promote it.

We also dedicated time for social causes, advocating for better work conditions and using our expertise to give pro bono trainings to support job seekers, and universities students.


How did we fund Trusted Jobs until now & why do we need your support?

We received EU funding (30K€), and covered  the rest of development costs (30K€) training and coaching organisations and individuals.

We need 10K€ extra to launch Trusted Jobs. We will need to focus full-time on the project, cover the extra costs due to the launch, and continue our advocacy activities until the platform generates its own revenues through HR services given to companies.

If we manage to raise more than 10K€ we will be able to implement these functionalities faster and reach more people to ensure a quicker success of Trusted jobs ! 

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