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A great sustainability booster!

Tsapoter Fund is the sustainability booster of the Tsapoter boutique of handmade creationsTsapoter Fund is a private fund that sponsors projects active in sustainable agriculture, small social entrepreneurs and more. We would like to become an active player in creating a better and sustainable world. Developing countries will receive special attention in our efforts.

Some of these projects will refund the invested money at a low-interest rate whereas others will give gifts back or even no rewards.

Tsapoter Fund is the sustainable booster of the online boutique of handmade products Tsapoter 

In the future, we hope that Tsapoter Fund will receive official authorisations to become a sustainable fund open to the public. Donors and investors will be able to participate and further boost Tsapoter's contribution to a more sustainable world.
If ever Tsapoter Fund were financially successful, our efforts will be eventually compensated through a management fee only on gains. Instead, if Tsapoter Fund fails to take off, all the remaining funds from this crowdfunding will be given to charities.


About us...


Marie-Madeleine and Giuseppe are a Belgian-Italian couple living in Carouge-Geneva, Switzerland. They are both passionate about travelling, history and culture.

Marie-Madeleine is an art-historian and furniture restorer. She develops actively Tsapoter, and is launching her own wood handmade products brand Atelier Cottonwood.

Giuseppe is a lecturer in marketing research at several business schools, in Switzerland and France. He looks after the business and financial parts of Tsapoter and Tsapoter Fund.

Waar dient de collecte voor

The future company, an Estonian Limited Partnership (OÜ) will be opened right after the end of the crowdfunding.

Starting and running a company remotely in Estonia is easy and requires limited investments. The main initial expenses will allow the business to take off. Registering the company, establishing a local address and accounting for the first year cost approximately 350 euros.

The remaining 300 euros (and further funds) will be used to run the initial investments. Over the months, further personal capitals will increase the value of the funds. These initial funds will be invested right away to launch operations as soon as possible.

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