Turn The Sun To Green, 4e disque du batteur Guilhem Flouzat

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Turn The Sun To Green, 4e disque du batteur Guilhem Flouzat


Painting by Marie Larrivé

My name is Guilhem Flouzat, I'm a drummer and composer. Turn the Sun To Green is my fourth release as a leader.

Turn the Sun to green is a series of songs which I composed in New York, at a time when after seven years spent in Manhattan I decided to return to Paris. My first three releases were mostly instrumental. On this one I wanted to finally bring together my long standing love for writing and my compositional researches. The lyrics are about growing up, desire, the creative process and the lives imagined. My goal is to offer a dive into the intimate, an experience both mysterious and familiar. The album now enters its final and most decisive phase : the manufacturing and release of a project which represents five years of my life.


Isabel Sorling - Voice

Laurent Coq - Piano

Ralph Lavital - Guitar

Desmond White - Double Bass

Guilhem Flouzat - Drums

The musicians by my side have known the very first stages of these songs, sung and played by me on the piano. They bring with them not only their exceptional craft as improvisers, but their tremendous depth of feeling as well. They've all been part of my musical as well as personal life for many years. Isabel Sorling sings these songs as though she had felt every moment leading to them. These carefully crafted song have been recorded in very organic and spontaneous fashion, all in one room.


-The album has been entirely self produced

-Sam Navel was the sound engineer for the recording which toolk place at Midi Live Studio.

-It was mixed and mastered by Tony Paeleman

-The album will be released on the young independent label Shed Music. 

-The painter Marie Larrivé created the cover artwork.

By helping this campaign, you create a direct relationship with me at the most important moment in a record's life, you choose to help my creative life in the long run. You act as producers and gain access to my personal creative workshop.

Les fonds récoltés seront consacrés à 100% au projet Turn The Sun To Green (hormis les commissions prélevées par la plateforme).

If we don't reach our campaign objective, all we be lost 

IF WE GO BEYOND, we'll be able to finance part of the music video for the song "Living In The Country"

By choosing to support us from the get go, you're committing to our cause in a difficult time for musicians and their industry.



1. Thirty One

2. Living In The Country

3. Colors

4. Hold Back

5. Mermaids and Marbles

6. Letter

7. Moonlight

Recorded on July 28th 2018 at Midi Live Studio, Paris, by Sam Navel

Mixed and Mastered by Tony Paeleman

Set up at Midi Live

Guilhem and Isabel

Checking the lyrics with Isabel

Desmond White

Ralph Lavital

PHOTO CREDITS : Laurent Coq, Desmond White, Antonio Porcar Cano

Waar dient de collecte voor

-Cover Art : 1000

-Manufacturing and printing : 1260

-Printing rights : 810

-The hiring of a publicist : 2250

-An ad campaign on radio and online : 2000

-Kiss Kiss Bank Bank commission : 680


The first draft of the cover art by Marie Larrivé

A lyric sheet

Isabel Sorling, Guilhem Flouzat, Ralph Lavital

The band with Sam Navel

Kies je beloning

Een gift doen

Ik geef wat ik wil




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