TUTOVELO : tout savoir sur l'entretien et la réparation de son vélo

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TUTOVELO : tout savoir sur l'entretien et la réparation de son vélo



TUTOVELO is first and foremost a beautiful meeting of two people with very different profiles, a passion shared under the burning sun of a trail running along the beach of Fréjus (Southern France), a morning in October 2014 on an event known to many mountain bikers ...


Come on, now that we set the picture, let's get right to the point !


TUTOVELO, it’s Christophe, known by all bicycle mecanic apprentices for some years now, thanks to his Youtube channel Atelier 36 Rayons. Professional DH mechanic, he has been compiling information on bike maintenance and mechanics, without really knowing what he would do with it until 2016. 


TUTOVELO, it’s also Aurélie, who doesn’t know a thing about cycling but works on the communication of a national French association working for the cause of a responsible Mountain Biking experience, and who will fall in love with the discipline. The first bumps (along with the bruises), first biking sessions, and … first bike. That’s when the magic happened. Why not consider an « à la carte » bike ? Or to make it short : how to set up a bike while not knowing anything about bike mechanics ? « Call Chris ! ». It was so obvious…

We’ll make it short but since that day, it has not stopped being discussed, it’s been thought through, and « let’s get things started », « yes », « no », « let’s go that way », « no, that way », « let’s think the problem differently »...


In a nutshell, we put together a [beautiful] project!




TUTOVELO is the first website dedicated to all those who want to maintain and repair their bike, independently, or relying on their bicycle mecanics, but who also want to understand "how does it work, huh? ".  As individual users, you will find many tutorials, theory, tools, bike parts, etc. to perfect your knowledge and skills in this area.



A concern ?

No, no, no, there is no problem. The forum of the website will allow you to exchange with the community in order for you to find the solution to your problem.



A desire to share?

You also want to offer your knowledge to a community of practitioners and passionate people ? TUTOVELO is the website on which you can get started, find answers to your questions from other users, create content, add information and organize training sessions!



What about the professionals?

For pros : other issues, other visions, other solutions.

You are a professional, you have problems to make your products known to the public (FR / International), to train / inform your teams, your distributors, your subcontractors?

Benefit from our training tools, with your own colours ...


A specific need?

We build our partnerships according to your internal constraints.


Our project is innovative and actively participates to the vision of a participatory economy in favor to cycling, without regard to any level and all practices combined.

Meeting in person, exchanging practices, solving problems, sharing our knowledge ...


TUTOVELO is also a vector of social integration, a support for professional reorientation.

Many of you will testify to the merits of the Atelier 36 Rayons YouTube channel, to tell us that thanks to this means, you have reoriented yourself and found the path in which you wish to evolve. Many people also certify that there is a lack of solutions for training in mechanics, simple and adapted to their own personal situations. We will soon be able to fully meet your needs.


A BETA version is currently online and is aimed at individuals and professionals wishing to evolve in mechanical engineering dedicated to the cycling.
How to community

Waar dient de collecte voor

What will the funds be used for?


Even if we are having a great time creating this project, taking it to this level is time consuming, expensive, and we must live while bringing it forward.

So of course, we want to evolve, we want to be part of the new world, the old new means of transport, we especially want everyone of you on your bike!


So our short-term goals to use funds are:

- The creation of communication media (show booth),

- The creation of videos of our various modules (the pedagogical database in BETA version, then other modules that we will present soon),

- The purchase of video material, Chris is great ... but an associate mechanic could come in handy ;)

We need video and sound equipment to anticipate this integration.


Description of the costs:

- Sony A7 ILCE-7K 24.3 MPs + Sony Alpha lens 16-50 mm + Sony Alpha lens 30 mm = 900 € + 590 € + 200 € ie 1690 €

- Microphone Blue Yeti Pro Studio = 250 €

- IMac: 1350 €

- Continuous lighting kit 3 mandarins 800W + Tripods = 800 €

- Camera tripod = 180 €

- Video demonstration of the modules: 2500 €

- Elements of show booth = 1550 €

TOTAL = 7520 €


TUTOVELO will collect all the funds


And if the collection budget exceeds the set target, nothing is lost, we seek funds to:

- Produce more and more content,

- Produce "mechanical specific" series (Fixed gears, BMX, Trial, DH, etc.),

- Offer you online bicycle mechanic training courses,

- Come to meet you on TUTOVELO tours, and therefore develop the appropriate learning tools.

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