A circus tent for Fuma che 'Nduma!

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A circus tent for Fuma che 'Nduma!

Fuma che ‘Nduma is getting a house! We decided, driven by a pinch of madness to buy an enormous and colourful circus tent with 500 sitting places, to be installed in the Cuneo province.
It would be another stable place for cultura, artistic, and musical events: shoes, creative residences, laboratories, concerts, parties, meetings, festivals… and whatever else pops into mind that could make you happy!
We went all the way to Lithuania to find this gorgeous tent, pursuing the dream to create a road towards wellbeing and joy, generated by poetry: music, dance, theatre, literature, circus, figurative art.

Who we are


A circus tent for the Ruggito delle Pulci

"Give a child the possibility to perform on stage with professional artists. Give him/her music, the freedom to express himself/herself. Give the child someone who can appreciate their beauty, encourage their imagination, dreams and madness. What you end up with is pure magic, the only festival in Italy purely dedicated to our younger generations”




A circus tent… Not solely for circus!

We want the tent to be able to host any type of artistic/communal project. We are already working on: hosting a show/concert about the poet and singer Violeta Parra, special days dedicated to Jazz and wine, tango evenings, a theatrical production about Fabrizio de Andrè, theatre labs and classes to educate youth counselors, production seminars and a thousand other ideas. We want it to become a space for sharing and development where artists and their projects can contaminate each other with great initiative.


Waar dient de collecte voor

With your donation you will be helping us finance the tent and you will get the opportunity to be a guest in our new house! We are organizing the program of the upcoming activities, that will reach their climax with the Ruggito delle Pulci festival! You will be captured in the magic of the festival and it’s Pulci (fleas), and get the chance to live one of the most colourful experiences of Piemonte’s summer…don’t miss this great opportunity!

The circus tent mission:

  • Purchase of the tent and stands
  • Transportation to Italy
  • Certification according to italian law
  • Wooden stage
  • Lighting


The total cost will be around 50.000 euro, of which we are paying the majority, combined with enthusiasm and effort to organize the future events. But we will never make it on our own… With your donation you will help us sustain this project. But we are not asking you for financial support with nothing in exchange, we are offering you a taste of the hundreds of events that we will organize in the circus tent. We are giving you: seasonal tickets, tickets to parties, aperitive, and the ability for you to organize your own event in the tent!
If you are a Pro Loco, a company or an organizer you will also be able to purchase shows performed by our fantastic artists for any event held in your town.



What we are asking for is a kind of advance payment, like buying a ticket to a concert a little early: YOU will get an assured place to one of our fantastic events or shows and WE will be able to tackle immediate costs.



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