Un lieu populaire pour l'art photographique à Metz

Financing La GaleriMur,is helping artistic photographers to be known and supporting an associative place offering photographic exhibitions !

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Un lieu populaire pour l'art photographique à Metz

A place of exception


There are plenty of multidisciplinary Art galeries in Metz or in its surrounding area, but there are few, even maybe none, dedicated places to photographic art, exposing the work of artists beginners or not yet famous artists in the region.


The association La GaleriMur was born in march of 2013 in order to enable artistic photographers to present their work in an exclusively dedicated place to the eighth art, to welcome them in artistic residencies and to developp activities around image education by proposing introduction stages to schools or adults as well as public conferences about photographic art.


Moreover, La GaleriMur is lucky to rent its premises in the Outre-Seille quarter, one of the most charming historical quarter of Metz (Lorraine, France), a quarter which is proud of its cosmopolitan population but which sadly also suffers the loss of its artisans workers. This is why, one of our association's targets is to be actively part of this quarter's life by maintaining an artistic cultural dose.


Photographers comments


Photographers whose artistic work used to be exposed in La GaleriMur and still active from time to time in some of our activities honoured us by letting a comment  :


"J’ai eu la chance d’être contacté par La GaleriMur qui m’a offert une superbe opportunité d’exposer mon travail et de faire de belles rencontres !

une expérience inoubliable et un vrai coup de pouce pour se faire connaitre ! Merci infiniment pour cette confiance !"


("I've been luccky to be contacted by La GaleriMur which offered me a great opportunity to expose my work and to enjoy beautiful encounters !

an unforgettable experience and a real little help to become famous ! Many thanks for your trust !")

Jean Yves Remy www.fluidecreation.com)


"La GaleriMur, c'est un lieu d'exception pour les photographes en Lorraine. Tout d'abord, parce que c'est un des rares lieux dédiés à la photographie à Metz et ensuite, parce qu'il est situé dans un quartier qui respire l'histoire de la ville. C'est le lieu qui a accueilli ma première exposition en Lorraine et j'en suis fière."


("La GaleriMur is an exceptionnal place for Lorraine's photographers. First, because it is one of the rare dedicated places to photography in Metz (Lorraine, France) and then, because it is located in a quarter of Metz which perspires the town history. This is the place which welcomed my first exhibition in Lorraine and I'm proud of this.")

Corinne Deriot (www.corinne-deriot-photos.com)



"La GaleriMur est un lieu unique à Metz. Sa directrice, Eve, déploie une énergie hors du commun afin de promouvoir des artistes locaux dans l’univers photographique, et cela sans ambition pécuniaire car il s’agit d’une galerie associative. C’est suffisamment rare pour être souligné.

J’ai eu la chance de pouvoir y exposer ma série « poussières d’étoiles ». J’en ai eu beaucoup de retours positifs, et cette belle expérience m’a permis de m’ouvrir à d’autres belles opportunités ensuite. Merci à La GaleriMur d’avoir cru en moi, cette exposition a été une étape importante dans ma vie d’artiste."


("La GaleriMur  is a unique place in Metz. It's manager, Eve, is spending a stunning energy in order to promote the work of local artists in the photographic world. And she's doing this without financial ambitions, since it is a volunteer association. This is rare enough to be underlined.

I was lucky enough to expose my work « poussières d’étoiles » in this galery. I received a lot of positive comments in return and this beautiful experience led me to other great opportunities afterwards. Thanks to La GaleriMur which believed in me, this exhibition has been a great step in my artistic life.")

Ludovic Florent (www.ludovicflorent.com)



"Un grand merci à La GaleriMur de m’avoir donné la possibilité d’exposer mes photographies avec de belles rencontres et de beaux échanges. Merci pour votre confiance, votre sympathie et surtout pour votre implication dans la volonté de créer et faire perdurer ce lieu culturel dédié à la photographie. 

Hâte de voir les futurs expositions."


("Many thanks to La GaleriMur for having given me the possibility to expose my pictures along with beautiful encounters and nice views exchanges. Thanks for your trust, your friendliness and most of all for your involvement in creating and making this cultural place dedicated to photography last.

I'm looking forward to see further exhibitions.")

Gaël Lesure (www.gaellesure.fr)



Media coverage of our activities


Timeless & Wonderland

Exposition photographique de Gaël Lesure

du 15 mai au 5 juillet 2014


Mirabelle TV le 2 juin 2014



Exposition photographique de JeanVier

du 15 mars au 19 avril 2014


France 3 Lorraine du 12 mars 2014


Mirabelle TV du 25 mars 2014



Silence... ça rouille

Exposition photographique de Jean-Yves Remy

du 09 janvier au 8 mars 2014


France 3 Lorraine du 09 janvier 2014       


Mirabelle TV du 15 janvier 2014





Exposition photo & audio de JeanVier et de Jonathan Eckly

du 23 mars au 24 mai 2013


Mirabelle Tv du 19 avril 2013

Waar dient de collecte voor

No sufficient financial support to our young structure yet


Apart from a financial support of the Conseil Régional de Lorraine, La GaleriMur has, as far as today, no financial support from the public institutions because the association was less than one year old when we asked for it in 2014.


Furthermore, our mission being to help artists, our association do not ask for a percentage of an eventual  art piece's sale.


Generous sponsors distinguished themselves in helping us but there is still 3 000 euros to find to close this year's budget.


A modest budget


At this time, our annuel budget is rather modest. Indeed, La GaleriMur's team is entirely composed of volunteers (unpayed workers). It is mainly a problem of paying for our place to rent (our landowner was very comprehensive in the price he asked us), for electricity, water, insurance policies, communication and previews costs. 


If we don't find quickly enough a financial support, the adventure will sadly have to stop and photographers as well as the inhabitants of the Outre-Seille quarter in Metz will lose this place which is dedicated to them. 


Your donations could enable our association to remain and even developp its missions


On the other hand, if generous sponsors among you (I recognised you, don't deny it !) would give us their priceless trust, La GaleriMur's projects would increase. Photography lovers and widely art lovers would undoubtedly pay tribute to your taking part in our actions durability.


And if, by any chance, the fund-raising would go beyond our expectations, it then would be time to think of a new lighting for the galery (instead of our Neon), to build an access ramp and an other thing that is realy meaningful to us : to help young photographers by financing their work production ! 


Many thanks in advance for your support or even for your attention.

La GaleriMur's photographers and team





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