Ethical Volunteering for all !

Eurasia net: Ethical Volunteering for all!

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Ethical Volunteering for all !

Eurasia net: Ethical Volunteering for all!

Dear globetrotter, occasional traveler, or great adventurer,

You're probably aware of the educational benefits of travelling: self-discovery, opening up to others, being curious about another culture... You've probably experienced it yourself! What if we told you that supporting Eurasia Net could give the opportunity to many many others to experience it as well?


By promoting ethical volunteering, we make it possible for enthusiastic young people to make the most of their volunteering experience, by putting non-formal education at the heart of what we do.

We've noticed a whole bunch of stereotypes and exoticism about Asian countries going around in young people's minds. We've heard that "There is no Justice in X country" or that "All women are oppressed in Y country". We think we can change those preconceived ideas by giving the opportunity to young people (aged between 18 and 26) to volunteer in Asia, and to do it responsibly.

By responsibly we mean "well prepared" and conscious about their role as a guest and a volunteer in a culturally different place. In other words, we've decided to channel the exoticism of travelling far far away, and the romanticism attached to the notion of "solidarity" into something a little more constructive: intercultural curiosity.


How do you do that? You may ask.

Well, let me introduce you to our main project: "Eurasia Twin"...

"Eursia Twin" started in 2015, and guess what, we've been getting better since, and thanks to you we will be continuing to do so!

"Eurasia Twin" it's 20 to 25 volunteers each year, comitted to a 9 months "Civic Service" both within a local organisation in France with us, and an international organisation in Europe or Asia with one of our partners. It's also a wide range of "missions" in the fields of education; environment; culture etc. And a wide range of tasks from communication and web marketing to hands on agricultural work, depending on  the needs of the organisation and the suggestions of the volunteer.


"Glocal" volunteering: why not?

Volunteering time is split between the local and the international organizations. Indeed, we believe that helping far away might seem sexy, but helping your local community is also crucial.

Locally, at Eurasia Net, we deliver "intercultural trainings" to our volunteers, for instance, we lead workshops on the Sustainable Development Goals and their local/international application. We invite volunteers to do research on the country they are about to volunteer in and welcome group discussions about the relationship between a volunteer and his/her host organization. And of course, we provide information about Health, Security, and Visa procedures to facilitate and accompany our volunteers at best.

"Eurasia Twin" couldn't be possible without our network of reliable partners across Europe and Asia. These international partnerships have been developped and nurtured across the years. We try to meet both our partners' needs, and our volunteers' enthusiasm, and so far we've successfully managed to strike a balance!

Once the volunteers come back, they come back to us for a whole month, where we give them the tools to reflect upon their volunteering experience. And more importantly, to share what they've learnt by organizing local events. The idea is also to accompany and support the volunteer in his personal project.

Waar dient de collecte voor


But "Eurasia Twin" has not reached perfection yet, it's a lot of hard work on a daily basis, but let's be honest, it's also a matter of means...

By supporting our crowdfunding campaign, you will contribute to sustaining our project and enabling a brand new and enhanced timetable with:



Includes: cost of educational material; employees and external speakers = 2000e

-  DAY 1 "A volunteer's guide to ICTs": How to create and manage a blog, managaing an online community, managing a website

- DAY 2 "Intercultural Management": Workshop on stereotypes, debate on the theme of interculturality and its role in society



Includes: cost of two speakers for two days = 1000e

- One expert on: Security, Conflict Management, Risk Prevention

- One expert on: careers' advice (CV in French and English; cover letter) 



Includes: a venue with a capacity to host 20 to 25 people and which is suitable to the training activities = 1000e



Includes: desk material, catridges, flipboards, video projector = 500e



Includes: writing up, design, printing = 1000e



Includes: cost of hiring someone who is qualified as a volunteer's mentor for 3 days = 1000e


****************8% of the project will be directed to KissKiss BankBank = 500e ********************


Thanks in advance for your support!

KissKiss from our Dream Team from right to left:

Amel - "Communication" likes to stalk people on Instragram

Bertrand - "General Coordinator and Founding Member" likes tacky sunglasses

Olympe - "Crowdfunding" likes to please us with Banana Cake

Marwan - "Webmaster" likes to photoshop his colleagues

Arnaud - "Development" likes to read the horoscope to his fellow Geminis

Sophie - "Fundraising" likes her daily litre of Coke Zero

Noémie - "International Cooperation" likes to argue about politics



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