Un Plan à Trois

Experiment adventure thanks to a participative world tour ! Become the main actors of the first season of this webserie in South East Asia.

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Un Plan à Trois

Hello future trippers !


The « threesome » adventure began for us one year ago.


The exact moment when we fell for the traveling fever and decided to go on a world tour.


During this year of preparation, we became aware of how strong and universal the attraction for traveling was. We also realized that many people wished to travel, but could not because of different constraints.

Job, budget, family life, or having to abandon your labrador Toby to the SPCA.


So, just like that we took a simple direction. Create a participative trip so the greatest number could benefit from it.






Naturally you will be able to share this journey with us as an audience through our website, social networks, and our weekly episode.


But we carried the delirium even further, in order to allow you to make this trek your own. We are going to set up many tools for you so that you may feel as if you were with us.


This is where we got the name « threesome » from, we were two to begin with, Baptiste and Jean Baptiste, and now with You we're three !


I guess this is the moment when we introduce ourselves. Baptiste and Jean-Baptiste, 25 yo and best mates for donkeys years. If our names are so alike, it’s really not a coincidence. Freaking destiny it is !


We are planning to have wicked fun with you guys, but also to laugh our heads off, because beyond being cheerful troublemakers we also have a few personal features which are going to influence the course of events. It could be for instance the fact that Bapt has a phobia for anything that has wings, or his legendary bad luck (Jinxy Bapt), but it could also be that JB does not really know how to swim properly, and is a world champion when it’s time to be clumsy.







About the participative side of the project, we did not skimp on the means :


- A vote system relayed on Facebook in order to give you control over the choices we will have to make : activities, means of transportation, choices of the location to install a bivouac. It'll be up to you !


- We also know that you people have many neat suggestions in your heads, so we are going to implement a suggestion box. You’re going to be able to put foward anything that goes through your mind. Stuff we haven't think about, challenges like going towards a backpacking friend of yours who would be on our way ! 


- Livestreams when our local internet connexion will allow us to do so, in order to chat a little and get to know one another.


- Record sequences with a first person point of view to increase the feeling of immersion


- A vision of the trip based on discovery and the « behind the scenes » aspect of the trip : we plan to as much as possible go and meet people, locals or fellow travelers, and seize all the opportunities we meet, even the craziest. In this spirit, we will certainly display picture postcards, but we will certainly not forget haphazard : logistics, encounters, or even chores…


- And to top it all, many surprises along the way !


In addition to these elements, we will have some regular sections, like a trash test which consists in tasting any weird piece of food that we will find, or the « practical minute » where we will share what our experience of the field will have taught us, and some reflexions about life. Plus others, probably some that you will have inspired us with !


Landing is on the 3rd of February, also the beginning of the first season in south-east Asia.

We will land in Manilla, in the middle of the archipelago of the Philippines. After that we will decide together, but we have in mind Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand… Pretty great, isn't it? We hope that you long to be here with us !




In a nutshell, « threesome » is about two guys a bit nuts, a weekly video, votes, challenges, good memories, surprises…


It also is, thanks to your internet connexion, the chance to travel the world over from your couch, your toilets, your office… To bring to a close the project presentation, we wanted to underline the fact that we’re eager to travel with the community, because sharing is pure happiness !


The more trippers, the better the trip !

Waar dient de collecte voor

Here we’re going to tackle the question : « why the crowdfunding? »


After having worked during one whole year with hardly a minute to wipe the sweat from our brows, being night watchman, juggling bartender, design freelancer, to name just a few, in order to put together some hard cash, we might still need a little extra help in order to bring this project to its maximum.


Your contributions will allow us to :


- Get a better equipment for the video making


- Finalize the website





- As a bonus, it will give us more options to do more super wild activities on site, and if your help skyrockets, we will extend this first season !


So if your draw your credit card, we thought up funny counterparts, but it also would divert you from your sunday eve pizza.


See you soon trippers ! 


Bapt and JB.

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