Un réseau social GRATUIT et 100% Privé pour les mariés et leurs invités !

Help us to develop the BOOK and the new features of Promesse d'Une Vie, the FREE and 100% PRIVATE social network dedicated to the wedding !

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Un réseau social GRATUIT et 100% Privé pour les mariés et leurs invités !




"We launched this project because the wedding is a unique life event, a magic moment that must be prepared and share before, during and after the D-Day."





We are 3 young men aged around thirty and one of our main week-end occupations became attending our friend's weddings.


We also noticed that if we are completely used to using our smartphone to communicate everyday in different ways, we did not take advantages of its benefits for wedding parties.


Thus, we came up with the idea of conciliating those two universes that are mobility and mariage, to provide a service tool, both useful and fun, that allows the married couple and theirs guests to live together all the moments of this magic event, Before, During and After the Magic Day.


Our ambition is well and truly to create a revolution in the way we live this unique event in life and how we creatre souvenir stories of it.




Our service is a fun, pleasant and simple way to give a "life" to the wedding from his phase of preparation, by providing a space of exchange and discussion between the couple and theirs guests, or between the guests only.


It also aims to be a platform where every person, friend or family of the couple can contribute to build a collective and completely personalized memory, by taking pictures, particularly during the D-Day !


At the end of this happy event, it will be possible for the bride and theirs guests to buy a book which allow them to keep a physical memory of this unforgettable day where everybody was an actor !












Is is a space of exchange and communication.


Brides and Guests can share their anecdotes, informations and jokes !


Post your messages and pictures, React and "Like" all the post !


For information, witnesses and guests can decide to interact secretly by deactivating the visibility of their comment to the bride !







Bride : Do all your guests really know you?


Introduce yourself to your guest in a funny and moving way !


Inform all the information about you and your couple !








Guests can discover here the other guests and how they are connected with the bride.


Who are the witnesses, friends, members of the bride's family?


Guests can also get in touch and communicate together in a private way.







All the practical information of the D-Day will be displayed in this section.


NO WORRIES! All the guests will be at the right place at the right time ! 


They can even be guided by their smartphone !







That's it, it is the Big Day !


Whereas the professional photographer will follow the bride in order to immortalize the most beautiful moments of this happy event, all the guests will use Promesse d'Une Vie to get unusual and unexpected moments which they only see and in this way contribute to create their story of the wedding.


All the pictures taken by all the guest will scroll chronologically in the timeline.


Each guest can react, comment or like the post.


At the end of the day, bride will be able to follow the most beautiful day of their life, seen by their closest friends !







Chi Fai : Chi Fai started with studying Interior Design. But he quickly understood the interest of the Internet and its digital creation potential. So, he decided to complete his knowledge in multimedia creation by integrating the famous French school in Digital Arts : Les Gobelins. After working several years in Samsung, he moved to Cheil Worldwide, in the Digital team in which he launched more than a hundred online campaigns, some of which have been awarded. Today and thanks to his expertise, he brings his creativity to make this new service a real success in terms of design and ergonomy ! Jaewoo :


Jaewoo : Gratuated from Grenoble Ecole de Management in 2005, Jaewoo spent 6 years in the Worldwide giant Samsung Electronics with various roles in the Marketing field. This experience allowed him to acquire an expertise of the high-tech products and their evolution. In 2011, he launches a company specialized in audiovisual and event production. He today brings his expertise in mobile hardware devices and the consumer insights in electronic products usages, as well as his experience in entrepreneurship. Chi Way :


Chi Way : Graduated from Grenoble Ecole de Management and holder of a HEC master’s degree in Entrepreneurship, Chi Way was an actor in the the beginning of the mobile marketing at Orange France before moving to the job of Business Developer in Index Multimedia, one of the most prestigious mobile content editor of this last decade. Thanks to those many years of experience, he became an expert of the new digital practices and decided to share his experience by creating his own company. He today brings his expertise of the mobile market and its evolution and trends to make this service the best of its category.  




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Hello Kiss Bankers !


For years, we were regularly being invited to our friends’ weddings but we noticed that although we are completely used to using our smartphone to communicate everyday, we did not take advantage of its benefits for wedding parties !  


So 2 years ago, we were launching Promesse D’une Vie, the world first free of charge private social network dedicated to the wedding, a useful and fun service tool that allows the married couple and their guests to live together all the moments of this magic event, Before, During and After the D-Day.


Please have a look into the details of our service !  


So right now, we have our service available on the Apple iOS AppStore, and we need you guys to help us develop our service to a greater audience.   Please find out how below !  


1. Make our service available on all platforms so everyone, from children to grandparents can be part of it. 


We are available only for iPhones at the moment, and we would like our users to access to our service from all types of devices, from the PC to all versions of smartphones (not only iPhones but also Android Phones and Windows Phones) and tablets.  


To make this happen, we need to accelerate our development and need more ressources to allocate to it.


2. Enable the brides and their guests to keep a material souvenir of that magic day with a book that tells the story of the wedding through guests’ point of view.


For once in a lifetime event such as the wedding, digital is very nice but not enough. All married couples would love to keep a physical track of their wedding day. And we would like to offer them this opportunity.  


For this, we need to create a tool that can get all the pictures, comments, thumbs up that the guests took, left and did, to compile it and print out a wonderful book.





Your DONATION will only serve to pay our providers in the development of our solutions.


With 8 000€, we will be able to launch our new and attractive platform. This platform will still be FREE OF CHARGE and everybody can use it (from children to grandparents !).


With 20 000€, the software of the "Book" can be developed and the bride as well as their guests can receive at their home their memorable and magnificient album.


With 35 000€, Promesse d'Une Vie will become an international platform and more and more countries in the world will be able to use our service.


Beyond 35 000 €, we will constantly continue to develop the platform and develop ceaselessly new innovative and funny features !



Support us! Support the future bride in their life plan ! Make the wedding a magic day !!!

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