Un skieur Portugais aux Jeux Olympiques

Help me fund my training to allow me to ski for Portugal at the next Junior Winter Olympics in Liellehammer in 2016

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Un skieur Portugais aux Jeux Olympiques



My name is Andrea Bugnone De Mello. I’m 15 years old. My father is Italian and my mother Portuguese. I live in Geneva, Switzerland and train in Megève, France.  My most recent result is a 7th place in Super-G of the U16 category (first of my year of birth) at the European Championships (trophéée Scarafiotti) in Val d’Isère. I am a member of the Portuguese Ski Federation (Federaçao de Desportos de Inverno, FDI) and have been enrolled on the Olympic Track to compete for Portugal in the Junior Winter Olympics in Lillehammer in 2016 and in the Winter Olympics in 2018. I am a multi-discipline skier, having obtained top results in all of the four ski disciplines (Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super-G and Skier-cross) that are open to skiers of my age.


In 2011 I ran in my first international competition under the colors of Portugal. In 2012 I won the first medals in an international competition in Portugal’s history. I won two gold and two silver medals at the Trofeu Borrufa in Andorra. I also placed 15th at the World Championships (the « Trofeo Topolino ») in the Giant Slalom. That same year I also competed in the French National Championship where I finished 3rd in Super-G and 5th in Slalom.




In 2012 I was named best young sports talent by the Portuguese Ski Federation.


For me to be able to compete at the highest level, I need to spend 130-140 days skiing every year. This implies skiing on average 5 days a week during the winter season and 6-10 days a month during the rest of the year. So far summer skiing takes place on Europe’s glaciers, but traveling to South America will be necessary as of the 2015 summer. In addition to training on the slopes, I also do physical training three times a week, I play in a soccer team and also enjoy playing tennis.




Unfortunately Portugal doesn’t have the necessary infrastructure and financial means to support my training and competition schedule. As I don’t live in Megève, I’m excluded from skiing in its ski club. As a result the cost of training, my equipment and my travel are entirely at my charge. For a full year I need more than €25’000.


In order to have a chance at being among the best at the Junior Winter Olympics in Lillehammer in 2016 I need to continue training with this intensity during the next 18 months.


With your support I will be able to participate in the Junior Winter Olympics in 2016 and give a chance to Portugal to win a medal in the Winter Olympics for the first time in its history.






Here are my main achievements since 2010




Coupe d'Argent, La Clusaz: 3rd in Slalom


Trophée Scarafiotti (European Championship) U16 category: 7th in Super-G (1st of the 1999 year of birth)




No skiing due to back injury





Etoile d'Or: 1st in Giant Slalom


Coq d'Or (equivalent of the French National Championship): 6th in  Giant Slalom


France National Championshps U14: 3rd in Super-G, 5th in Slalom et 10th in Skiercross


Trofeu Borrufa, Andorre: 1st in Giant Slalom and Super-G, 2nd in Slalom and Super-combined


Trofeo Topolino (World Championship): 15th in Giant Slalom




Etoile d'Or: 1st in Giant Slalom


Trophée Scarafiotti (European Championships) U14 category: 25th (4th of the 1999 year of birth)




Etoile d'Or (French Championship for city residents): 2nd in Giant Slalom and 1st of the Parallel Slalom

Waar dient de collecte voor

Your contributions will cover an important part of my yearly budget:


Ski trainer for the winter season split with two other skiers: €12'000

Summer training on glaciers in Europe: €200 per day. 45 days = €9'000

Physical training for the year: €2'500

Equipment: 6 pairs of ski (2 x Slalom, 2 x Giant Slalom and 2 x Super-G) one pair for competition and one for training: €3'600 ... and approx. €900 for helmets, goggles, ski suits, ski maintenance etc.

Travel for competitions and training: € 1'700


Total: €29'700


...and not taking into account entry fees, ski passes, ski licence and others.


If the amount raised exceeds the targeted amount, the excess will help me in financing a little bit more of my budget and also help me in traveling to South America for the summer training.

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