United States of Unicorns

I NEED YOU ! Help me to launch my first art book that will tell you everything you always wanted to know about unicorns !

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United States of Unicorns

<p> <strong>Lisa Carletta</strong> is a young Belgian photographer, who started her career in 2008 following her diploma in advertising.</p> <p> Her work was noticed for the first time during the contest Weekend Photo Award #1 in 2008 where she won the 3rd prize for her first fine art photography series.</p> <p>  </p> <p> After this moment, Lisa’s career as a photographer started and soon galleries followed with successfull exhibitions. Now Lisa’s work can be seen in: Sophie Maree Gallery in The Hague, Le Showroom in Brussels but has also been on tour in Paris, Brighton, Cannes, Madrid…</p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="10446644_10152062484507294_7507192222946023709_n-1412858456" src="https://d3v4jsc54141g1.cloudfront.net/uploads/project_image/image/126681/10446644_10152062484507294_7507192222946023709_n-1412858456.jpg"></p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="10455428_10152062484577294_1448961325295805954_n-1412858480" src="https://d3v4jsc54141g1.cloudfront.net/uploads/project_image/image/126682/10455428_10152062484577294_1448961325295805954_n-1412858480.jpg"></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> She collaborated with great artists such as Stromae, Selah Sue, Mathias Malzieu, Rossy de Palma, Christine &amp; the Queens, Emilie Simon, Diane Pernet, Vitalic and many others.</p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Img_3282-3-1412858544" src="https://d3v4jsc54141g1.cloudfront.net/uploads/project_image/image/126683/IMG_3282-3-1412858544.jpg"></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> As a promising young photographer her work is being linked to the earlier works of Erwin Olaf.</p> <p> With the same intention, feeling, humor and craftsmanship she creates new worlds to which most of us can relate too.</p> <p> Especially in her autonomous work Lisa offers us a dreamlike and nostalgic universe in a narration where she developed a keen sense of aesthetics, staging and detail, all with a tasty singular humor.</p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Annif-1412858702" src="https://d3v4jsc54141g1.cloudfront.net/uploads/project_image/image/126685/annif-1412858702.jpg"></p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="1_base-1412858721" src="https://d3v4jsc54141g1.cloudfront.net/uploads/project_image/image/126687/1_base-1412858721.jpg"></p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Img_4934-1412864472" src="https://d3v4jsc54141g1.cloudfront.net/uploads/project_image/image/126729/IMG_4934-1412864472.jpg"></p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Lc_disney_img_1119_fin-copy-1412864509" src="https://d3v4jsc54141g1.cloudfront.net/uploads/project_image/image/126730/LC_Disney_IMG_1119_fin-copy-1412864509.jpg"></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> After six years of creative photography, the time has come to make a book in the retrospective of Lisa Universe . Showing a combination of creative and absurd photography with a touch of elegance and style, all which is made in Lisa’s handwriting.</p> <p>  </p> <p> This book will show a variety of her work: autonomous series, editorial works as well as new unpublished projects.</p> <p> You can discover through the making-of by Pippa Riddick one of the last series of Lisa "Imaginary Friend"</p> <p>  </p> <p> <iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="304" src="//cdn.embedly.com/widgets/media.html?src=http%3A%2F%2Fplayer.vimeo.com%2Fvideo%2F103014290&amp;wmode=opaque&amp;src_secure=1&amp;url=http%3A%2F%2Fvimeo.com%2F103014290&amp;image=http%3A%2F%2Fi.vimeocdn.com%2Fvideo%2F485141036_1280.jpg&amp;key=ff2702755d9749cda571c6d6c2f3eb46&amp;type=text%2Fhtml&amp;schema=vimeo" width="540"></iframe>   </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> "United States of Unicorns" will show you a new oniric world where Glitter Girls live !</p> <p>  </p> <p> For this we are looking for funds to achieve disseminate their work to the general public, and offer its collectors book.</p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>Then join in by pre-­buying the book, and as you circulate around her project!</strong></p> <p>  </p>

Allocation of funds

<p> Collecting Funds for the book by Lisa used to cover part of the cost of book production, graphic design for which she will work with 2 young Graphic Designers freshly out of the London College of Communication, printing 470 copies and its limited edition of 30 pieces (including a limited edition signed print).</p> <p>  </p> <p> The realization of this artbook is budgeted at 10.000 euros.</p> <p> - 4800 € for printing</p> <p> - 900 € for paper and book board for the limited edition</p> <p> - 1200 € for binding</p> <p> - 2500 € for design, artwork and production (which includes foil blocking of the 470 copies and hand producing the 30 limited edition copies)</p> <p> - 600 € for “material” samples of each shoot to be included in the book  </p> <p>  </p> <p> Any extra money will go into making the limited edition of 30 as nice and special as possible!</p> <p>  </p> <p> The writer <strong>Mathias Malzieu</strong> also joined the project, having both poetic worlds, his texts will suit perfectly the pictures of Lisa.</p>



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