Venize Biennale 2017“TRANS-BORDERING-ART” Call for artists and collaborators!

Fund a new type of exhibition in the Art History! Venize Biennale needs you!!

Visueel van project Venize Biennale 2017“TRANS-BORDERING-ART” Call for artists and collaborators!
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Venize Biennale 2017“TRANS-BORDERING-ART” Call for artists and collaborators!



     "Venize Biennale 2017" special program -TRANS-BORDERING-ART: Everyone’s 5 min Solo Exhibition

        The first exhibition in the history where everyone gets IN!  Submit now!


        Do you regard yourself as an artist, but never can earn your live as a “professional artist”?

       Do you always wait for being “selected”, but never know what’s the “marking criterion” of the jury?

        Do you often dream of being “invited” to the highest art event such as Venice Biennale, but never find the “right path”?


        Today, your dream will come true, and your words will be heard.


        We encourage everyone to apply for this exhibition.

        We want everyone’s scream to be worldwide.

      We need to renew the thinking and the trend by questioning the hierarchical “art circle”, and the obscure “art evaluation”.


        “TRANS-BORDERING-ART:Everyone’s 5 min Solo Exhibition ” is a group exhibition parallel to the 57th International Art Exhibition of Venice Biennale (13th of May – 26th of November 2017). As a unique program in a significant international biennale, the main game rule is that everyone who submits will be selected and awarded!

     All these because several artists titled themselves as “Art-Trans-Borderers” will smuggle your artworks from “outside”, to exhibit them in Venice Biennale “inside”, from the opening day 13 May to 17 May. Moreover, they will be also exhibited in “Venize Biennale Online Exhibition 2017” which covers the whole duration of the 57th International Art Exhibition of Venice Biennale (more than 6 months).


General information:

Numbers of participating artworks: 200(international)

Duration of the submission: 3 April to 8 May

Exhibiting time in Venice: 13 May to 17 May

Venize Biennale Online Exhibition 2017: 13 May to 26 November

Venize Biennale World Tour 2017- Documenta Stop: Mid July 

Organizer: Venize Biennale

Project initiator: Tan Tan (China)

Programmer in Europe: Sophie Saporosi (Belgium)

Academic advisor : Cai Qing

Programmer in China: Tan Tan

Art trans-borderers: Tan Tan, Sophie Saporosi (Belgium), Eric Bribosia (Belgium), Zhu Xiaoqi (China),to be added…



More information see: 






The regulations:

1.       The Call is open to all artists, with no restrictions of age, sex, nationality or any other qualifications. Submit your work to, and then several “Art Trans-borderers” will take your work to be exhibited at the site of the 57th International Art Exhibition of Venice Biennale for 5 min. Your work will be shown in “Venize Biennale Online Exhibition 2017” as well, and you will receive an electronic catalogue of the project.


2.      This is an absolutely “jury-free exhibition”, in another word, your work will be chosen directly after the submission! The “selection” is decided on a "first come, first serve" basis until we reach 200 artworks. 


3.       This is a “self-sponsored exhibition”, although we offer the chance of a collective event and a non-profit service, the realization of the event relies on everyone’s small contribution. An entry fee as part of the crowd funding is required. When submitting your work by E-mail, please mention the name with which the payment has been made in the crowd funding.


4.      Even though there is no restrictions of the subjects of the artworks, we encourage those talking about the system of today’s contemporary art, the living status of artists, and any topics linked with Venice biennale and Venice city. Only the works with the following features may need discussion or be rejected: (1) with illegal, violent, pornographic or politically sensitive content (2) with special demands that are out of the capacity of the “Art Trans-borderers” and the organizer. In this case, we can discuss the possibility to change a work from you, or return the entry fee subtracting the procedure fee.( the crowd funding platform and the bank will charge 8% commission, and we may also have some extra charge from the bank, so please do contact us before you pay if you have doubts)


5.   Every artwork can be for sale during the “Venize Biennale Online Exhibition 2017”, while every artist has the right to decide to sell or not sell, as well as the price of his/her works. Artists own the copyright and the right of signature of their works. Venize biennale holds the right to publish the photos and videos of the exhibiting scene on websites and publications.



                          Venize Biennale 2017 in Arsenale, Venice


The categories of artworks on call:

1.  Painting/Photographic Art   entry fee €15 

All type of Paintings. Photographs on analog or digital support, photos including digital elaborations. Only digital submission is accepted. All the images will be printed as 50cm*50cm with white frames  (the original ratio will be kept).It is suggested to make your image in a size from 5000*5000 Pixel. The allowed picture formats: JPG and PNG.


2.  Moving image Art   entry fee €15 

Videos, films and works made with any type of moving images on digital and analog support, with a maximum duration of 5 minutes, opening titles and closing credits included. Only digital submission is accepted.You can submit a video file by wetransfer, or a downloadable link from video-sharing website such as vimeo. It is suggested to make your video in a size from 1280*720. The allowed video formats: MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, and FLV. 


3.  Sound Art  entry fee €18

Sound works in any digital formats, with a maximum duration of 5 minutes. The works will be broadcasted through portable speakers inside the Venice Biennale site, the action will be videotaped.  The allowed audio formats: MP3, WAV, WMA.


4.  Stencils for graffiti  entry fee €30/ €45

All type of stencils for making graffiti. The maximum size allowed is 40cm per side. The candidate can choose two ways to submit: send the stencils by post to Venice (€30 )or send a digital image to the biennale (€45 ). The “Art Trans-borderers” will make the graffiti with the stencils in Venice city. 


5.  Intruders (photographs or objects)   entry fee €35 

Not like the most artworks that will be only exhibited for 5 min, the intruders will be shown permanently if without interference by other people. We call for painting / photographic art or object/installation in this category. The maximum size allowed for painting / photographic Art is 50cm per side. The maximum weight allowed for object/installation is 250 gram, the candidate should send the artwork by post to Venice.  

6.  Performance Art  entry fee €50

Performance artworks with simple elements without professional skills or equipments, with a maximum duration of 5 minutes. The candidate only needs to send us a description of the performance (for ex. text, drawings, videos), and then the “Art Trans-borderers” will perform them in real.


7. Special images for performance/installation “Red carpet”  (100 pieces)   entry fee €10

Hundreds of images and written poetry will create a carpet, the performer will add images and words from her own work. She will execute the Red Carpet, while unwrapping a carpet of images and poetry till and through the garden of Venice, blood will fall from the back of her dress, leaving the red behind her. The dress will be made and design to speak up (cyanotype on tissue – African wax – silver belt – Italian flag). The performer will remain silent.

The list of artists will be written like if they were dead waiting in the limbo; on tracts letting people know the artistic status of this performance and the name of each artist represented by one image. Every one of you has to choose when to die (past or future date!). The website will compile the limbo list along with images composing the carpet. A special section will be created in the catalogue.

All the images will be printed in Black/White. You can send us pictures in any size with the maximum pixel. The final printing can be max. 100/80 cm.


Call for other collaborators:

1.    Art trans-borderers: if you are interested in working with us to exhibit other artists’ works, and you will be in Venice from 13 May to 17 May, let’s do it together! You will have some privileges, for instance you can also do your own artwork and be exhibited in all the activities of “Venize Biennale 2017” without any entry fee.


2.    Medias: we welcome all types of medias to interview us and make reports, including private online live-show host and hostess.


3.  Contributors /Partners: we are open to any financial support from institutions or individuals who understand this project.


4.    Volunteers: we expect anyone who is willing to help us to join the team.


        All the works that need shipping should arrive in our address before 10th of May, please contact us to ask for the postal address.

        All the outcomes will be sent to you before 26 November.

       If you have further questions or would like to support us more, please contact us directly.


We would like to share some former artworks of Venize Biennale 2015 with you:


Photographic Art 



Performance art 








Waar dient de collecte voor

Fund us and you will be a part of a "première mondiale", the Venize Biennale opens its doors to EVERYONE!


Here are the reasons why we need your help:


1. We have big dreams, yet we have small budget. As this special program is a parallel exhibition employing a “self-sponsored” system, it can't be done without your financial participation. For artists, we do everything to deliver the message from your works in the best condition.


All the income will go to : Printing and mounting : 350€, technical support (projection,performances and small materials) : 350€, video editing : 300€, spray painting: 20€, website construction and editing:1000€,  etc.   


On the other hand, the "art trans-borderers" will cover their own travel and accommodation expenses, and the programmers are doing plenty of "free job" including planning, broadcasting, and every small step of the project. Therefore, we do non-profit work just for setting an Utopia and Union with artists who have the same dream as us!


2.  As a contributor /partner, you will become part of a unique artistic adventure where art doesn't belong only to elite, since from the 60s-70s we are already far from the rebel spirit!  Besides, you can be rewarded with many outstanding art derivatives...


3. Furthermore, no matter for artists or contributors /partners, you may have the opportunity to participate in our future "world tours" .  For instance, below are pictures of our big exhibition at Chongqing Changjiang Contemporary Art Museum, China, as "Venize Biennale World Tour 2016-Chongqing Stop".





Besides the crowd funding part, we are also pleased to share some artworks of the “Art Trans-borders” (more names to be added), all your payment will be used for the development of Venize Biennale.


Photographs of Sophie Saporosi

         Sophie Saporosi is a well-known belgo-italian artist mixing media, from frescoes to writing, from videos to analog photography black & white - color – polaroïd.

        The various procedures she uses seems like variations from time and space, wildly opening into wide worlds. Some kind of impressionism she’s trying to materialize with the ‘slow-motion picture making’, thus revealing a new shape, capturing the wild(er)ness, the nowhereness and the unknown. She’s working amid the concept of « mnesic-reconstruction » replacing the lost object by the metaphor of the freshly-created image, along with its brand-new semantical directions. Fog, layers, blurry shadows, smog, ghost-capturing journeys ; distortion of an offending reality in which people are struggling to exist.

      CV link:

      Selling list:         




Photographs of Tan Tan

       Tan Tan is a well-known artist from China. Through her photographs, you could have a glimpse of the multi-verse she created with intermedia approaches merging image, performance, sound, installation, etc. meanwhile enter the vortex of reality and fiction, rituals and time-space transformation…

      CV link:

      Selling list:

      30*30cm, € 300 per printing



Music of Eric Bribosia

      The Music of Eric Bribosia is always trying to cross borders, between improvisation and composition, spontaneity and reflexion. He compose music for film and theatre, also participated several avant-garde sound experiments and crossover performances with moving image, dance which nourished his boundless His music is also fed by his various bands experience (free improvisation, jazz, rock, folk) and his numerous travels throughout Asia, America, Africa and Europe.

     CV link:

     Selling list: 

  Selected film and theatre music:  Digital: €10, CD: €20

  Selected solo works:  Digital: €10, CD: €20      


* Surface mailing fee included for the artworks above. *

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