Vide - Dressing caritatif

Help Public Relations students raise funds to create a clothes swapping event in profit of Think – Pink which fights against breast cancer

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Vide - Dressing caritatif

As part of our studies at EPFC in Public Relations we are organizing an event. Which will be a clothes swapping event.


Our main focus will be to raise funds for the charity Think - Pink, which fights against breast cancer. All proceeds will go to the charity.



Think - Pink ? 


Think - Pink is the national breast cancer campaign and aims to improve the lives of breast cancer patients and their families. Think-Pink has four clearly defined objectives:


    Providing information

    Raising awareness

    Funding research

    Funding care and follow-up care projects 




Why this initiative ?


First of all in an ethical sense, breast cancer is a cancer, which detected in time, can be treated. We therefore believe it is essential to inform and raise awareness to this cause, which could save their lives and their loved ones lives.


Secondly, it's a cause that affects us personally as women; additionally, we all know someone in our near circle of friends and family affected by this kind of cancer.


Finally, this project will have a functional purpose because with this fundraising we will enable the charity not only to start other campains in order to continue the fight, but also to increase the awareness of the charity and through it, awareness to a larger crowd.



Our event


Particularly interested in event managemet, we decided to make an event for a charity to which we are very sensitive and personnaly affected.

So we decided to set up clothes swapping event to gain more experience and at the same time to advance research against breast cancer.


Free event at Kinepolis Brussels on invitation (coming soon), on a sunny Sunday in march 2016





Waar dient de collecte voor

In order to be able to create this event we need your help ! We count in you to help us succeed. 



Our ideal amount would be 400€ which would be used as follows : 


- 100€ : Poster & Flyers


- 150€ : Drinks


- 60€ : Beverages 


- 60€ : Utilitarian objects  


- 30€ : Decorations




For 200€ more we would be able to increase the visibility of the event, which would mean a bigger crowd but also give the event more credibility.



For 400€ more, we could offer you a bigger diversity in products available and allow us to maximize the fund raising for the charity.

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Voor €5

A big thank you and kisses from all of us.
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Voor €10

A big thank you + Ribbon from Think - Pink ! * to get at the event
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Voor €20

Everything so far + a buff (scarf) ! * to get at the event
  • Backers: 9

Voor €50

☞ ⒺⒶⓇⓁⓎ ⒷⒾⓇⒹ ☜ Everything so far + an Autobiographical book of a cancer survivor from Think - Pink + exclusive early admission to the sale + Welcome drink ! * to get at the event
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Voor €75

☞ ⒺⒶⓇⓁⓎ ⒷⒾⓇⒹ ☜ Everything so far + free pastry item * to get at the event

Voor €100

☞ ⒺⒶⓇⓁⓎ ⒷⒾⓇⒹ ☜ Everything so far + 2 movies tickets @Kinepolis valid for 1 year. *à récupérer lors de l'événement.

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