Vigie Sanctuaire

We pride in honoring the cetaceans by limiting the risk of collisions

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Vigie Sanctuaire

We are happy to renew our Obsevrtaion Program "Vigie Sanctuaire" for the 2nd consecutive year.

This study program is unique in its objective of anticipation and prevention for collision risks between ships and whales, in the Tahiti-Moorea channel.

In 2018, this program accounted for 556 hours of real time observation during 13 644 kms. This allowed us to prevent 96 potentiel collisions.

You can help us to run the 2nd edition of our renowned program hence supporting the future of humpback whale in Tahiti and her islands.

Please ask us to learn more.

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Your donation will help us realize and produce teaching materiels, run workshops to raise awareness and buy observation gear.

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